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Communicate Through KU APP!
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승인 2014.05.01  16:13:46
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If you are one of the many students of Korea University (KU) who possesses a smart phone, it is possible for you to access faster information about your school life instead of busily searching for it from different sources. It has become possible with the advent of KU APP that is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. It was newly introduced this semester by Godaegonggamdae, the 47th student administration of KU.
▲ KU APP Icon. Provided by
What exactly is KU APP? KU APP is an application available for Android that provides various practical functions for KU students. First of all, students can obtain student council news and freely express their ideas in the KU Feed section. Also, it is possible to go to
EKU and check the time table by simply using the application. There is also a page where classes can privately chat and share information. If one is willing to advertise recruiting information about their club activities or academic associations, it is possible to upload it on the bulletin board. Moreover, the school cafeteria menu is available and information about popular restaurants around Anam is provided through the application.

 “We were constantly searching for a better means to hasten communication between the student council and the students. We thought a smartphone application was just right for our purpose,” says Shin Yoojung (’12, Physical Education), who is currently responsible for KU APP as a member of Godaegonggamdae. In fact, there used to be an application called iKU in the past that had similar functions. Because a lot of people complained about its frequent errors, lack of functions and low speed, they created a new differentiated application, the KU APP.
When the application was first created in February, it was advertised through social media and Kopas, an online community for KU students. In April, more than 7000 people had downloaded the application and many have given positive feedback about it. “I am quite satisfied with KU APP. I am using it every day because it saves a lot of time and effort to directly check EKU using the application. Also, the design of the application is quite neat,” says Lee Byeong Yeob (’13, English Language and Literature).
In contrast to such positive feedbacks, there also have been some bits of advice for improvements. “I think it is not very convenient. Sometimes, the menu for the school cafeteria is not uploaded,” says Cho Hee Sung (’13, Business).
On March 25, the application was newly updated. The updated version additionally has a function or checking available seats in the library, member stores of Chungchun card and fixed the error of the application suddenly turning off. Also, students can download class materials and receive alerts when there is a reply to their posts.
So far, the updated version of KU APP is bringing more popularity to the application. With the most contemporary form of means of communication, KU students will be able to enrich their school lives with easy access to information.
▲ KU APP comes very handy for KU students. Photographed by Song You Jin.
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