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Being “Creative”
Choi Ji Won  |
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승인 2013.10.31  12:00:56
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▲ Choi Ji Won Editor-in-Chief, The Granite Tower (GT)
Making a magazine out of scratch requires creativity in every step. Starting from finding items for each issue, reporters are pressured to find a topic that no one would have covered, or something that no one would have even dreamed of covering. It does not end with finding a creative subject but extends to organizing the gathered information into a creative format. Then comes the layout, which should be able to depict the content of the article as well as be eye-catching.
As such, reporters work strenuously to assemble a creative issue every month. Our November issue is especially devoted to such creativity, as the cover story itself is based on creativity plus economy. However, at this point you might be wondering, what on earth does being creative mean?
As an ordinary person, one would certainly have been asked to be “creative” sometime in their life; and surely, that person would have wondered what being creative means. The dictionary tells us that being creative means creating something original or worthwhile. Steve Jobs puts it as “just connecting things [that you already know].” Basically, creativity is “something new.”
Then it follows, how do you actually be creative? Read, read, and read more. Take in all there is to know and “connect things” that you have got; and I assure you, The Granite Tower (GT) would be a good place to start.
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