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승인 2013.09.15  15:21:01
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

The summer is gone, and we are now back at school. Though school has started only a few days ago, for the staff of our magazine, it must feel as if there never was any summer break. We have been working tirelessly during the vacation, preparing for a wonderful four new magazines. A bit of news would be that the publishing company has changed due to circumstances.

We tried our best to contain the taste of The Granite Tower (GT), so bear with us while we familiarize ourselves with the new company. The theme of this month’s magazine is water, more broadly, environment.
Funny thing is, we first thought of covering water as in the seriousness of the water shortage in Korea. However, while the cover team was researching and interviewing professionals, they found out that we are not a country with water shortage problems. Though the media has went on and on about how Korea is “shockingly” a country without sufficient water, it proved to be false. So the cover team had to start over from scratch, but it was a fresh experience.
Another obstacle we faced was that it was extremely hard to get interviews during August. Everyone was on vacation and enjoying life away from work. Our reporters had to call countless times to get the right person
at the right time. As for the KU PEOPLE section, we had to look for backups and backups of backups, since they were all on vacation. Through these somewhat unexpected yet meaningful events, we have successfully finished the September issue. I sincerely hope you have fun reading it, and find something to learn in our efforts!
▲ Editor-in-Chief, Choi Ji Won (11, Business Administration)
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