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Korea UCC Festival for Foreigners
Lee Seung Hyun  |
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승인 2012.11.22  01:12:23
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On October 12, Korean Language and culture center of Korea University (Ku) hosted the Korean UCC Festival for Foreigners at the Inchon Memorial Hall. Begun 11 years ago, Ku has been hosting this festival to interact with foreigners.

▲ Provided by Korean Language and Culture Center of KU

The event was originally a Korean play Festival until this year when it was changed to a UCC Festival to allow foreigners all over the world to participate. Hosts anticipate that a UCC Festival will bring the festival in step with the global trend of the Internet. The event started with Beat power, a percussion group, performing for the audience. With the opening ceremony of Cho Kyu-hyung, the dean of Institute of Foreign Language studies, the event started right away. Eight UCC videos were picked to be shown in front of the crowd this day. Videos were all made in Korean and included material that was either about Korean life or Korean culture. With Broaden, a dance group from Ku, performing during intermission and the KU orchestra performing after the videos, the show quickly proceeded to an end.

Six judges filled the panel to evaluate and award the contestants with Lee Suk-Kyeong, a movie director, as the chief judge along with famous actors Oh Dae Gyu and Yoon Yoo Sun. The best prize went to Yan Jinxia’s team who made a documentary regarding their youth in Korea. The event ended after the awards ceremonies took place. The Korean Language and Culture Center explained, “We hope this event brought foreigners closer to our language and culture. It will serve as a foundation for Korean culture to flourish in the future.”

▲ The brochure about the Korean UCC Festival for Foreigners.

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