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[NEWS] Learning About Entrepreneurship from Predecessors
Kie Hae Seung  |
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승인 2020.01.31  11:35:57
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▲ Participants in casual discussion at the Campus CEO Homecoming Day. Photographed by Kie Hae Seung.

On January 30, the Campus Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Homecoming Day was held at the Korea University (KU) Crimson Lounge, located on the 12th floor of Media Hall. This event was hosted by the KU Crimson Start-up Support Foundation, a direct agency under the Executive Vice President for Research that works to invigorate student-made businesses within KU. Limited to 100 students, this event provided an opportunity for aspiring student entrepreneurs to learn from and communicate with KU alumni CEOs.

First in the program were presentations by the CEO of Taling and Stayes. Both speakers shared the story behind their respective business. General information as to how they analyzed competition in the market and comprehended consumer needs were explained as business-related aspects of the presentation. Informal information and personal tips such as incubator and accelerator programs, however, made the event a uniquely valuable experience for participating mentees. Afterwards, the participating mentors and mentees were given several hours to enjoy a prepared meal and casually network.

Lee Byung-hyun (’06, English Language and Literature), the CEO of Stayes, expressed, “While running Stayes, I was able to objectively understand investors’ perspective when analyzing the value of start-up businesses. After that I was able to raise funds more effectively and grow as a company.” It seems that virtuous cycles of predecessors in entrepreneurship aiding start-up newcomers into the business world have begun today at this very event.

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