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[NEWS] Understanding Intellectual and Information Technology in Our Society
Jun Uhnjin  |
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승인 2020.01.17  15:56:20
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn



Professor Choi Se-jung delivering opening remarks. Photographed by Jun Uhnjin.

On January 17, a seminar titled “Intellectual and Information Technology (ICT) and Society” was held at Media Hall. The seminar was hosted by Korea University (KU) Center for ICT and Society (CIS), which is an affiliated center of the School of Media and Communication. The seminar aimed to analyze contemporary issues of ICT, examine its societal influence, and suggest policies or systems for society. 

The seminar began with the opening remarks of Professor Choi Se-jung (School of Media and Communication). The seminar consisted of mainly two sessions — a presentation session elaborating on the studies of CIS and a discussion session. The presentations covered current controversial media issues, such as malicious Internet comments, privacy issues of smart speakers, and international digital literacy. The latter discussion focused on domestic and foreign policies regarding ICT regulation.

Professor Choi commented, “As the utilization of ICT is escalating in our society, it is indispensable to recognize its societal effects. CIS will thus endeavor to conduct meaningful research in order to contribute to ensuring a healthier society.” Overall, the seminar provided an excellent opportunity to understand the influence of ICT along with its development. 

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