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[NEWS] Linking Cultural Heritage and Cutting-Edge Technology
Nam Eun Seo  |
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승인 2019.11.21  23:48:27
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
Professor Bang and Professor Kim delivering the joint lecture. Photographed by Nam Eun Seo.
On November 21, a special lecture titled “Joseon Baekja +α” was held at the Korea University (KU) Museum. This lecture is the seventh of the “Cutting-Edge Cultural Heritage” series, a special interdisciplinary lecture program comprising 10 lectures in total, hosted by the College of Engineering and sponsored by the KU Museum. As the series title suggests, each lecture integrates a different cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology.
The lecture started off with Professor Bang Byeong-seon (Department of Archaeology and Art History) giving an overview of the Joseon Baekja - white porcelain - from the Joseon Dynasty. His discussion composed of two parts: the form and color of the Joseon Baekja. Professor Bang discussed the raw materials, the mechanism as well as history of the production process of the artwork, with regards to the form and color respectively. He then proceeded to compare the different styles of Joseon Baekja throughout the centuries of the Joseon Dynasty.

The second presenter, Professor Kim Gyu-Tae (Department of Electrical Engineering) elaborated on the link between cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology through a thought-provoking comparison between the Joseon Baekja and semiconductors. With regards to the form of Joseon Baekjas, Professor Kim compared it to nanolithography. He suggested that the two are similar in the sense that the technology for producing both the Joseon Baekja and nanolithography requires an intricate control of variables in order to produce the product. In terms of the color of Joseon Baekjas, he compared it to the electromagnetic spectrum by claiming that the chemical reaction of atoms in semiconductors could be compared to that of Joseon Baekja which occurs between pigments and oxygen. Professor Kim summed up his lecture by saying: “Through the fusion of cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology, we can supplement the weaknesses of our cultural heritage, but it is important to reflect on how to do so in an ideal direction.” 

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