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Expanding the Comfort ZoneA Step Outside Anam
Jun Uhnjin  |
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승인 2019.09.24  14:41:50
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Taking a leap towards a new area is doubtlessly not an easy task. Some may feel fear in leaving for the unfamiliar journey, and some may feel it challenging due to their lack of experience. However, despite the difficulties of broadening boundaries, doing so may offer new and enjoyable experiences. Tal-Anam , a phrase often used among Korea University (KU) students, also describes a similar idea – students stepping out of Anam, where KU is located in. The Granite Tower (GT) interviewed four KU students who shared their own experiences of Tal-Anam .

Riu Seung-hyeon (’19, English Language and Literature)
During my first semester in Anam, I realized that there were only a few places to buy clothes around the area. This is why I decided to venture out with close friends from my major to visit clothing stores at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Center. In Gangnam, I was able to find inexpensive yet fashionable and trendy clothing items which suit my taste. Although it did take some time to get there, it was a great opportunity for me to spend time with my KU friends to shop out of Anam. I personally wish there were larger clothing stores in Anam as well, where we can easily purchase different kinds of clothes.

Yun Seul-gi (’15, Home Economics Education)
I usually set out to places near Sungshin Women’s University (SWU) when I want to visit unique restaurants different from those in my daily routine in Anam. There are many cute cafés and restaurants near SWU, which have a different atmosphere from those in Anam. Other than SWU, I have also experienced Tal-Anam by heading out to Hongik University (HU) to take a picture at a studio with my KU friends. My friends and I were looking for a studio in Anam, but unfortunately, we could not find an adequate place. Luckily, we were able to find one located near HU, so we went there to take photographs and enjoyed dinner after at a restaurant nearby.

Koo Bon-seok (’18, Computer Science and Engineering)
As I spend most of my time near the KU campus, there are times when I want to Tal-Anam to try something unusual. This is not because of Anam lacking entertainment, but because of my desire to experience things that are different from my daily life in Anam. I prefer regions located on the subway Line six, because those are easily approachable from the Anam station. I usually enjoy discovering new places to eat or to have a drink, sometimes with my KU friends or even by myself. A recent experience of Tal-Anam for me was visiting a pub in Itaewon to grab a glass of beer and highball.

Jang Hyeon-jung (’16, Biotechnology)
During my freshman and sophomore years, I used to hang around with my KU friends nearby the campus, such as Hyehwa. These days, I frequently visit Itaewon or Samgakji, and sometimes Dongdaemun to watch movies. Recently, I like going to different areas outside of Anam with my friends to check out restaurants and cafés that are popular on social media sites. Discovering entertaining places such as bowling alleys and movie theaters is what makes TalAnam interesting. Outside of Anam, my friends and I can have fun going to allyou-can-eat restaurants, visiting escape rooms, or watching various performances and movies.

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