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[NEWS] π-Ville 99’s Take on Trendsetting Aesthetics, “Recommended Exhibition for September”
Park Min Ha  |
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승인 2019.09.23  22:39:26
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▲ KU π-Ville 99’s poster of the exhibition. Provided by π-Ville 99 Facebook page.

Korea University (KU)’s start-up and creative space π-Ville 99 is hosting an exhibition titled “Recommended Exhibition for September” on the fourth floor from September 17 to 26. The satirical exhibition aims to point out the uncomfortable trend and culture of the 21st century, in which individuals visit aesthetic exhibitions featuring a vogue word for mood—gamsung—and even purchase or read materials expressing a similar kind of sentiment to fit in the crowd.

The exhibition takes random, everyday objects and arranges them into a form that popular aesthetic exhibitions would display. The objects range from small pumpkins, paint, blocks of cement, scissors, textbooks, to photos. One section has a sign that reads “Best Seller” on the wall, with eight books laid out on a table just beneath the sign. This section criticizes the trend of bestsellers that use famous cartoon characters and fake sentimental phrases to make consumers purchase the unrefined and rather unnecessary essays. Another corner of the exhibition asks visitors to take photos of the random objects and make them seem as aesthetic as possible, to criticize the photographs that use “disharmonious colors and composition to generate a contrived sentiment.” π-Ville 99 is holding a social network event where selected winners can receive a film camera and some films after uploading their own aesthetic photos using objects from the exhibition.

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