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[BREAKING NEWS] Public Hearing on KU Cheerleaders and Ipselenti Jiya-Hamsung
Lee Che Yeon  |
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승인 2019.06.06  00:40:07
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 On June 5, a public hearing on Korea University Cheerleaders was held in room 606 of Woo Dang Hall from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.. Through this opportunity, KU Cheerleaders aimed to clarify all the controversies and inquires that centered around their inept management of Ipselenti and its finances.

During the first half of the public hearing, KU Cheerleaders received questions on overall administration of Ipselenti. Campus Press (KUTV, KUBS. The Korea University Weekly and The HOANS), Korea University Student Union (KUSU), and numerous other students pointed out KU Cheerleaders’ inadequate safety control and procedures. KU Cheerleaders admitted their lack of safety manual and explained that all the guidelines regarding Ipselenti management are kept through takeover documents transferred from former to coming event planning committee. They added that they will reveal the modified safety manual on June 20.

Meanwhile, the second half of the public hearing focused on KU Cheerleaders’ financial management. Doubts about increased ticket price, cash exchange between KU Cheerleaders and Haevici, celebrity lineup selection and etc were casted. In response to The HOANS’ question on the reason for price increase, KU Cheerleaders stated that the increase from 2017-2018 Ipselenti was due to absence of sponsorship from large corporations, adding that they were able to hold the event because of the additional financial support from Student Affairs Department. For this year’s Ipselenti they decided that the support from Student Affairs Department and company sponsorship was in a state of flux which led to further price increase.

On the cash exchange, Haevici emphasized that this is a public hearing on KU Cheerleaders and not the company, refusing to answer a reporter’s repetitive inquiry on whether the company has finished the income report on the received cash. Furthermore, in response to The HOANS’s statement that they have taken counsel from other agencies and heard this year’s lineup can be created with seventy million won, Haevici confidently argued that such is impossible. Haevici revealed that the lineup cost for 2018 Ipselenti was eighty eight million won, in comparison to one hundred one million won excluding ten percent surtax, for 2019 Ipselenti.

The public hearing failed to provide a clear solution or regain the lost trust towards KU Cheerleaders. Many students did not seem to be satisfied with its results. KU Cheerleaders will have to clearly reorganize their ways of managing and hosting cheering events and festivals, being able to come up with an open manual, account records and conference minutes. As the head of the KU Cheerleaders have stated, many problems were from lack of communication between the KU Cheerleaders and the students. Each and every member of KU community has the right to enjoy Ipselenti, annual Ko-Yon Games, and other cheering events to their fullest; it is certainly the time to restructure the KU Cheerleaders’ traditionally closed society.






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