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[NEWS] A Lively Discussion : A Better World For All in the Digital Era
Jang Jaeho  |
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승인 2019.05.16  08:49:20
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▲ The poster of Aegineung Life Library Interactive Seminar. Provided by Aegineung Life Library Facebook Page.

On May 8 and 15, the Korea University (KU) Aegineung Life Library initiated a discussion session titled "Aegineung Life Library Interactive Seminar.” The seminar mainly debated over the considerable threat that advancement of science and technology can bring. During its second session, which was held on May 15 in room 204 of Aegineung Student Union Building, “USS Callister”– a first episode of the Black Mail’s fourth season was screened.

The seminar began in a friendly mood, with the audience watching an episode focused on Infinity, a virtual reality game where users can upload their consciousness into. It shows how technology can get out of control when exploited in the hand of a technician with malicious intent. Following the screening was an in-depth discussion where participants could talk about their reviews and viewpoints toward the film. The discussion proceeded in an amicable atmosphere, with various interesting ideas raised. The discussion could be summarized into three controversial topics: First is the question on whether regulating one’s activities in cyberspace can be justified for the sake of good deed. Second is the issue regarding the personal usage of individuals’ image in virtual reality and the right of publicity. Third is the importance of big data analysis in the era of digital world.

 Although the “KU Life Library Interactive Seminar” ended with today’s session, the Aegineung Life Library is always open for those who are interested in similar programs. A rooftop film festival is scheduled to be held as their next event at Aegineung Student Union Building, which will run from May 21 to May 24, featuring “I Can Speak”, “Me Before You”, and “Coco”. 

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