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[NEWS] Voyaging Through Photographs
Moon Sun  |
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승인 2019.05.15  15:41:31
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
 "You Can Go Wherever You Want" Exhibition. Photographed by Moon Sun


Starting from May 13, the π-ville 99 has opened a photo exhibition titled “You can go wherever you want.” The exhibition mainly deals with the experiences and emotions of students during their travel worldwide, which are illustrated through diverse pictures, photographs and other materials.
Just past the entrance, multiple photos of foreign countries taken by Korea University (KU) students are displayed in the main hall. The exhibition is mainly divided by seasons, weather, mood and etc. In addition to the photos, the souvenirs from diverse countries are also displayed on the opposite side along with a short explanation on their meanings and origins. Other materials such as music and letters are also introduced to give excitement of adventures to the visitors throughout the exhibition.
The exhibition mainly attempts to deliver freedom and elation that traveling provides through several mediums. The photos, pictures, and other mediums work as a whole to convey the adventurous thrill. The exhibition is held from May 13 to May 17, on the fourth floor of the π-ville 99.
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