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What is Written on Your Bucket List?
Kim Ye Eun  |
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승인 2019.05.06  15:08:12
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People in their 20s are known for being energetic and passionate. As young adults are freed from the restriction of age, they conceptualize personal desires inside their minds. When such desires become visible, they are often called a bucket list, a checklist of achievements a person wants to accomplish before his or her death. Those goals are the embodiment of the desire and the paradise yet to be achieved. The Granite Tower (GT) tuned into the bucket list of four Korea University (KU) students. 

Lee Jae Seong (’17, Health and Environmental Science)

One of the goals under my bucket list is to build my own house. I would first buy an estate to build the house on and participate in the entire construction process. To me, a house means more than a mere space to eat or sleep in. I value it as a crucial place where I can both work and relax. Another goal is to run my own company. There is a saying that people work until they die. I would rather work at a job where I could fully apply my skills and reach my full potential than getting employed under another company. I think it will be much more fruitful and fulfilling when I work at my own company with colleagues I can get along with. Ultimately, I will be able to thrive to do better and cherish my job. 

Lee Sang Min (’18, Linguistics)

I really wish to go on a trip to vacation spots like Bali or Kota Kinabalu and have a nice time relaxing. I would stay in my hotel room all day long and do nothing but eat and rest. Life as a university student who needs to work at a part-time job, participate in extracurricular activities and study all at the same time is really so demanding that I am already worn out even before mid-terms. I really need a trip to empty my mind. Another goal of mine is to sing out loud at the karaoke. When I go to the karaoke with my friends, I usually cannot sing loudly because I do not have confidence in my voice. However, I wish I could sing out loud and have my friends listen to me singing. I want to be brave in the future.

Jung Hee Jin (’18, Sociology)

My favorite language is French, which I am also currently learning. Back in high school, I learned French as my secondary language and became fond of the characters. The shape of the letter and the nasal sound such as r, an and en seemed so unique. Moreover, I want to learn French because I like the way French people think. I think learning a new language also allows one to understand the culture. I love the pride the French people have about their culture and attitude of “tolerance” which leads them to fully respect other people’s opinions. 

Kim Soo Sung (’19, English Language and Literature)

I have two big dreams, which are to become a broadcaster and to have my own workshop. Since I was young, I have been interested in producing films. I adored the producers’ skills of making high-quality videos, and I wanted to film similar videos. Moreover, I am a crafty person. I like to make figures for fun. So, it would be amazing to continue that work till the future. After working as a broadcaster, I wish I could have free time in my own workshop. Since both jobs require a tremendous amount of energy, I thought gaining strength would be the priority. 

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