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KU'S PICK: Essential Tips for Baby Tigers
Youn Bo Hyun  |
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승인 2019.03.24  01:34:08
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March has finally arrived, meaning a new semester has begun and Korea University (KU) students have advanced to a higher year level; freshmen into sophomores, sophomores into juniors, and juniors into seniors. It is also time to warmly welcome the incoming freshmen embarking on their new journey as a KU member. Many students will have curiosity about life in Anam-dong and on campus. Thus, for this March edition, The Granite Tower (GT) interviews nine KU seniors to get advice for the new baby tigers. 

Which School Activities Would Be Worth Joining During the First Year?
Chai Seung-Heon (’16, Mathematics Education): Ipselenti and the Ko-Yon Games are surely the most exciting events; however, there are also many other major events and school festivals you should not miss. Along with the 4.18 Marathon and Cheering Orientation during the first month of the semester, your major will also provide various meetings that help freshmen socialize with their seniors. In addition to these school events, I highly recommend participating in club activities. Just keep in mind that the perfect club is the one you choose. No other people can choose what club to join for you. Think about what you want to do before you apply for a club. If the club fits you well, becoming the leader would be a good experience to learn the weight of responsibility.
Ryu Ho-Jun (’18, Computer Science and Engineering): I hope freshmen enjoy all the activities that they participate in. Meeting students from other universities and wandering the campus wearing your major’s jacket are examples. Since there are many events held by the student union of each major during the first semester, I would especially recommend participating in those as it would help you make friends from your major. Also, I hope freshmen do not to just enroll in popular lectures but register in courses based on what they want to learn. Do not forget your dreams and vision that you
had before becoming a KU student.
Lee Na-Young (’15, Russian Language and Literature): I recommend you try everything you want to do during the first year of university. You will make a lot of mistakes and even regret doing some of these things, but I can assure you that you learn more from losing than winning. Try to meet as many people as possible or create a personal bucket list. Spending time on hobbies and enjoying leisure activities will make your life more exciting. After all that fun, thinking about your future career path seriously and concentrating on academics during your sophomore year will help you both enjoy campus life and clarify your future path.

Are There Any Useful Tips Related to Studying?
Oh Hyeong-Ji (’16, Health Policy and Management): The essential activities related to academic studies include studying foreign languages, practicing English conversations, listening to the lectures of other majors, and enrolling in popular courses. In contrast, I do not recommend playing all the time and not thinking about your grades. If you severely mess up your scores during your first year, it would be hard to overcome this in the future.
Kim Do-Yoon (’17, English Language and Literature): As a freshman, you will often hear that you have a lot of time and opportunities ahead so you can feel free to wander around. However, ignoring your grades might not be a good choice. As a KU student, we must register for a secondary major, related major or advanced major. If you have a certain major you want to join, or even if you do not, trying to get high grades will give you more opportunities, such as applying for exchange programs. 
Song Yeon-Soo (’17, Architecture): Your future life at the university will be affected by the results of course registration at the beginning of the semester. I recommend preparing plans B, C, and even D. Also, do not struggle too hard to get perfect scores, but still try your best. Having a good grade offers more opportunities in your school life in terms of scholarships, internships, and other off- campus activities that require you to submit your school records. Good grades pay off when you determine your career path.
What Are Some Recommended Activities?
Kim Min-Seok (’18, Mechanical Engineering): There are two things that I strongly recommend: club activities and traveling. You can meet various people regardless of their major and learn how to deal with social relationships with people of different ages. Furthermore, I recommend a long-term trip
because it would be an optimal time for you to boost your confidence by solving unexpected obstacles on the way. There is no activity I do not recommend; just try everything you want during your campus life. 
Choi Jeong-Min (’16, Cyber Defense): I have some tips for life as a university student. First, you do not have to be so nervous when meeting upperclassmen. If you avoid approaching them just because you find it difficult, relationships will not develop. In addition, when looking for a room to live in near campus, try to find someone who has lived alone before to help you search for a suitable place. Also, the shorter the distance between your house and campus, the more convenient your life will be.
Park Jeong-Mi (’18, Business Management): While having as many experiences as possible is important, I also recommend reading books. Asking acquaintances for new books and searching for the recommended book lists on the internet would also help you find useful content. Furthermore, registering for a diverse range of courses in your major in the first year would be helpful in narrowing down your future career path. Do not be afraid to enroll in courses with a lot of upperclassmen and find your interest as soon as possible. 
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