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SYNERGY Elected as the 51st KUSU
Moon Sun  |
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승인 2018.12.08  18:45:06
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▲ Counting the votes. Photographed by Moon Sun

On December 7, SYNERGY has been elected as the 51st Korea University Student Union (KUSU). Kim Ka-young (’13, Life Sciences) and Lee Jin-woo (’16, Sociology), two candidates for President and Vice President of KUSU respectively, gained 4,617 consent votes out of 7,249, making it a 64.02% of ayes out of all the votes. Throughout the election, 36.20% of KU students had voted for the election. The votes were supposed to be counted at 9:30 P.M., but the counting was delayed to around 10:10 P.M., which was 40 minutes later than the schedule.


The ballots were counted from each department, first starting with the votes from the LG-POSCO Business Hall. After the votes from the building was tallied, the Central Election Management Commission of KU continued to count votes from the other polling stations in the Liberal Arts and Humanities Campus. After counting all the votes from the campus, the commission proceeded to the Green Field Campus, and the Science and Engineering Campus, respectively. After counting all the votes offline, the Commission finally counted votes that had been collected online.


The election event concluded with the interview of the two elected candidates, Kim and Lee. Kim said, “I will humbly accept every single vote that people voted for me, and I will try my best not to forget my original promise. Thank you for everyone who stayed together with me.” Lee stated, “I was not even able to imagine this last month. I only think that I have to work more diligently from now on.”


If there are no objections about their election until December 10, SYNERGY will make a year-run for KU.

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