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승인 2018.12.04  11:01:23
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
With every title follow its expectations and responsibilities. The receipt of a title is also the receipt of its corresponding duties to live up to. Saying farewell to yet another year, The Granite Tower (GT)’s December issue has attempted to endow a title to the upcoming year by giving 2019 a title as well as presenting it with its responsibilities.

Our Cover Story has thus centered its focus on the action of awarding another—of its social significance, historical relevance and  the impact it can generates.  Further expanding on the notion of awarding titles, the issue first examined whether 2019 has room for a new title. Critically examining whether it is burdened with other names, prejudices and scars that have already clouded its name, we tried to reach out to every social, cultural, political segment of our society.

In completing the final issue of the year, my deepest gratitude goes out to the GT journalists who have run nonstop this semester to breathe life into the ideas they have each envisioned for the school and our society; the work is needed more so than ever before. Moreover, the endless amount of creative endeavor poured into each issue by our associate editors has molded our ideas into the concrete products every month.
During my stay in GT, I have experienced first hand the changes that occur when one takes the initiative to address a bruise, question or a movement of the society. I have nothing but trust for my remaining reporters who will continue to report and title the sightings of 2019 with the undying spirit of the press.


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