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Defining Your Year as an Animal
Kim Seung Hye  |
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승인 2018.12.03  01:18:01
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Students of Korea University (KU) are nurturing their knowledge and paving their paths to seek the titles of their own lives. Before labeling one’s whole life, it is worthwhile to reflect on the past year and plan for the next year. Then what keyword can concisely and animatedly illustrate a year in one person’s life? Everyone has distinct characteristics, just as the various animal species have their intrinsic attributes. Therefore, The Granite Tower (GT) asked four KU students which animals best represent themselves in 2018.


Ji Seung-hun (’14, Linguistics)

I worked like an ant in 2018. Suddenly becoming the president of my department, I was busy preparing for various events during the first semester. In the following summer, I became the manager of my club. Besides studying at school, I met new people, worked hard and hung around a lot. Although had many experiences, I lacked the opportunity to think about myself. Nevertheless, my 2018 was meaningful because it was my first time working so diligently like an ant.


Park Hye-joo (’16, Spanish Language and Literature)

A three-month-old puppy would best define me in 2018. To a puppy, everything is novel, scary, yet fun. This year, I met many new people and dealt with various problems as the president of my department. Besides, traveling to Europe alone and taking courses in my minor were all first experiences for me. They demanded strong will and courage, which made me immerse myself into my life more passionately. In this way, my 2018 was full of new experiences. Therefore, I enjoyed the time just like a puppy.


Yang Ji-woo (’17 Mathematics)

I was like a larva of a praying mantis. Being strong carnivorous insects, mature mantises can even prey on birds as big as themselves. However, they have to gain strength by defending themselves from other predators alone before they grow up. This year, I also had to overcome a variety of challenging situations. They include difficult lectures in my major, weakening relationships with some of my friends and uncertainty about the future. In order to survive, I strived to do my best as the larva does.


Lee Su-jeong (’17, Food Bioscience and Technology)

My life was like that of an owl this year because I went to sleep later than usual. During the examination periods, I studied all night long. At other times, I hung out with my friends until dawn. However, sleeping late was undesirable in that my roommate was disturbed, and I struggled to wake up in the morning as well which led to a long nap in the day. Considering such consequences, I am determined to restore my routine; yet I am not sure whether will go to bed early today.

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