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Bringing Ideas Into Fruition
Lee Jae Eun  |
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승인 2018.11.05  00:13:09
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The idea of turning plans into reality may be exciting for many students. However, in our daily lives, countless obstacles block the way to make our dreams come true. While holding an event sounds so difficult for many, the Korea University Supporting & Planning Agency (KUSPA) is a club that enables the seemingly challenging proposals to really come to life. The members of KUSPA suggest ideas and work out to host the actual event by undergoing several processes. It provides a unique experience to university students who have the ambition of organizing special occasions in person.

Since it was established in 2008, KUSPA has been offering Korea University (KU) students opportunities to develop innovative ideas into real events. The initial intention of the club was to allow students who have been exhausted at consumerism to step out and construct a distinctive culture for themselves. As an alternative choice, the members directly propose plans to develop the ideas by writing proposals. Through the processes of coordinating opinions with other team members, hosting the actual event becomes closer to reality.

Organized Steps Towards the Event

KUSPA’s event holding takes four big steps, which includes suggesting ideas, composing proposals, achieving sponsorship, and writing after reports. Members first come up with ideas and decide the direction they aim the event to head towards. This step is called “Ideation” and it is here where the overa l l theme of the event is determined, as well as the details of booths and designs to promote the activities. Due to the numerous factors to be finalized, it is the process that requires the most discussion and contemplation between members. Despite all the hardships, it is a crucial and worthwhile process, as it helps enhance the quality of events and the significance of the proposals.

There remains a crucial step after completing the proposals in detail. In order to hold an even more successful event, it is critical to obtain sponsors that will provide financial support. With the help from sponsors, impressive events are able to be hosted. When seeking support from corporations, members attempt to look for new places that are suitable for the purpose of the event. After the programs are managed successfully, there is one last step to finalize KUSPA’s process. The members who took the lead in the total proceedings evaluate and reflect on their achievements. They compose a final report about the performances called an “After Report” that suggests and offers improvements for future events.

The Poster of "Do You Know CY." Provided by KUSPA.

Efforts Behind the Scenes

It may seem like a smooth process in total, but it is not so easy, as the steps do not flow accordingly to expectations. One of the evident challenges occurs while acquiring sponsors and asking for help to proceed with the arranged events. In this step, the After Reports composed by the previous members give a big hand to suggest methods of how to approach sponsors. Members sort out the list of corporations that matches the intention of the program and get in contact with each enterprise. During this process, KUSPA manages to tain at least one corporation which is willing to help with the event. In  articular, the event hosted last semester called “Do You Know CY” was memorable since the related corporation, Cyworld, was pleased to provide support and some of their staff members even visited the event scene in person.

While the success of the event gains a huge spotlight, the struggles behind the scenes are not widely known. The organizers may seem to be elated at the success of the event, but in order to include more people to appreciate the activities, they take special care of all the factors that might cause any inconvenience. For instance, any discomfort for a hearing-impaired person is attentively considered, so the members prepare written explanations for such instances. Factors that may seem trivial are those that the members should be aware of.

Yoon Ha Jung (’16, Korean Language Education), the 19th president of KUSPA, comments “As a member of this club, the proudest moment is of course when the events are successfully processed. One of the prominent values in KUSPA is to arrange new and unique events, and when people smile and take pleasure in what we prepared, we are full of delight at those moments and also take pride as a member. Also, I am glad to see our club spreading out and getting more attention as we get more contact from diverse places.” While there are difficult times to endure, there are more occasions in which it is worthwhile and fulfilling as a member of KUSPA.

Interview with Yoon Ha Jung. Photographed by Lee Jae Eun

Unlimited Contributions to Be Made
Furthermore, other than the major activity of proposing and hosting events, KUSPA constantly holds workshops and mentoring sessions to train members with diverse concepts of events and cultural activities. Workshops take place during vacation, and new members are arranged in their new teams. With the adjusted members, each team evaluates and reflects the appeals of events that were previously hosted. Taking into consideration the feedback provided by each team, members apply the recommendations to the events they plan to host in the next semester.
KUSPA’s competence comes from its strong bond between the members. A special aspect is that, although their age and position within the club is different, everyone is treated the same in terms of proposing ideas and carrying out events. The pursuit of equality creates a free atmosphere where each member’s voice and opinion are taken into consideration. Also, even if a member has fulfilled a year to participate in KUSPA, they can further contribute by giving advice to new mem bers about preparing for upcoming activities. With the skills and knowledge from the seniors, current staff members continue to further develop events.

KUSPA recruits new members twice a year in the starting month of every semester. Any KU student, regardless of their major or age, can apply to take part in the club. It is open to anyone who possesses a passion to lead an event and turn ideas into reality. Yoon comments, “Our members often hear from others that we seem to truly enjoy what we have planned, and that we are sincerely delighted by our accomplishments.” KUSPA is open to any KU student who cherishes the imagination of turning ideas in actuality and wishes to leave a meaningful experience in the midst of college life.
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