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KU Loses in the 2018 Ko-Yon Rugby Game
Kim Jeong Ho  |
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승인 2018.10.06  13:32:54
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▲ The 2018 Annual Ko-Yon Rugby games. Photographed by Kim Jeong Ho

The Rugby game of the Annual Ko-Yon Games 2018 was held on October 6, at the Sub-stadium of the Seoul Sports Complex located in Jamsil. The score of the game was 15-31, Korea University (KU) team losing yet doing their best against Yonsei University (YU) team.


The first half started off by the kick-off for KU. In the first minute, a scrum was made between KU and YU which then led to YU's attacking. This was followed by Lee Yong-woon ('16, Yonsei, S.O) running for the try, which was then blocked by KU's players in the following minute. Three minutes into the game, Lee Yong-woon ('16, Yonsei, S.O)'s another try was admitted, scoring five points for YU. This was then followed by the successful conversion kick by Yeo Jae-min ('16, Yonsei, Hooker) giving seven points in total for YU. KU won the scrum from YU's committing knock on foul, which then led to Jeong Jae-ho ('18, Physical Education, S.O) attempting for a try yet being interrupted by YU's players. In the seventh minute, YU was offside, which then led to the penalty kick by Son Min-ki ('16, Physical Education, C.T.B), successfully scoring three points for KU. In the 12th minute, the lineout in KU's favor was followed by Jo Hyeon-seo ('16, Physical Education, No.8)'s attempt, but was then checked by YU players. YU then showed powerful attacks, including trials by Lee Yong-woon ('16, Yonsei, Hooker) and Kim Young-hwan ('16, Yonsei, Wing), but was blocked by KU players. In the 15th minute, passes from YU players led to Lee Yong-woon ('16, Yonsei, Hooker) scoring successfully from his try, which was then followed by the conversion kick by Shin Hyeon-min (’15, Yonsei, C.T.B), making the score 3-14, with KU losing. KU and YU were in the fierce gridlock, each trying to score yet being interrupted by the other team. Around 30 minutes into the game, Yoo Jae-hoon (’15, Yonsei, No.8) managed to getting out of a scrum in favor of YU, and passed the ball to Kim Seong-hyeon (’15, Yonsei, S.H), who then ran through the field and made a try. Shin Hyeon-min (’15, Yonsei, C.T.B)'s following conversion kick was not successful. The first half ended with the score of 3-19, leaving KU a huge score gap to manage through.


The second half started off with YU's kick-off. KU tried to continue its attacks with its rucks and mauls, but KU's foul led to a scrum in favor of YU, which was then followed by Kim Young-hwan (’16, Yonsei, Wing)s try and Shin Hyeon-min (’15, Yonsei, C.T.B)'s conversion kick, both being successful. In the sixth minute, Lee Hyun-soo (’16, Yonsei, Prop) made another try, making the score 3-31. The following conversion kick was not successful. In the 15th minute, KU won a scrum near YU’s in-goal line, which the in led to continuous attacks by KU in the area. The continuous rucks and mauls led to one of KU player making a try in the 19th minute, which was then followed by Son Min-ki (’16, Physical Education, Flanker)’s successful conversion kick, making the score 10-31. Although the scrum in favor of YU made YU players attempt for a try, it failed. 27 minutes into the game, KU players made a fierce offence near YU’s in-goal line with continuous mauls and rucks, after which Lee Kyung-hwan (’15, Physical Education, F.B) made a successful try. The following conversion kick by Son Min-ki yet failed.


Although KU players fought fiercely in the latter half, there were no further scorings by KU. The ball did not come out of the area near KU’s in-goal line. KU lost in the 2018 Ko-Yon Rugby game, with the score of 15-31. 

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