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Where Did The Money Go?
Ha Yoo Jeong  |
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승인 2017.12.08  00:43:05
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According to the report published by the Financial Supervisory Service, the money borrowed from the top 20 lenders by those in their twenties amounts to approximately 939.6 billion won as of June. In 2013, the loan balance of the twenties stood at 808.2 billion won. In this society where college students are burdened by high tuition fees and the struggle to find a balance between juggling study and part-time job, The Granite Tower(GT) collected the opinions of 210 Korea University (KU) students to analyze their current financial status and consumption patterns.  



What part of your economic life and consumption patterns do you need to work on?
Judging from the responses of the 210 KU students who participated in this survey, everyone seems to be on the same boat. The majority of the feedback regarding any improvements needed in consumption included setting a plan, avoiding impulsive purchases, using a money entry book, only purchasing necessities and saving more for the long term. On the other hand, there were a small proportion who responded that they currently do not need to make any changes in their consumption pattern. Hopefully, this survey could be a good turning point or simply an effective way to reflect on their economic status. 
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