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Impeachment Voices for the 49th President of College of Liberal Arts
Song Yeonsoo  |
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승인 2017.11.16  14:16:45
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▲ The campus wall poster on the West Gate. Provided by Kuboardrecord.
From late October, there have been a few voices on campus requiring the impeachment of the 49th Present of the College of Liberal Arts. One of the voices was portrayed by a campus wall poster posted by Ahn Hyung Jun (’13, Korean Language and Literature) earlier this month in the West Gate. Listed within the poster were the main reasons why such voices of impeachment had been incited in the first place.
The first of those reasons is the violation of election laws. According to the campus wall poster, such was proved and affirmed only after the statement released through the campus wall poster posted at the West Gate on October 19. Second, while running for election, there are doubtful questions as to whether they had consciously concealed the fact that the president’s running mate was to be called for military service during his term of office. Following up to this, the campus wall poster also pointed out that currently, the seat of the vice president remains void due to his consequential absence. These are only three of the nine reasons that the campus wall poster had expressed.
The nine reasons are the basic grounds for the request to submit a motion to impeach the president. Although the president has released a statement upon the issue, there have been complaints that he has tried to address his personal issues on a public platform. The manner in which the 49th President of College of Liberal Arts to respond and put end to the bustling and sensitive issue is truly up to their hands. 
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