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KU Defeated in the 2017 Ko-Yon Rugby Game
Kim Min Young  |
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승인 2017.09.23  13:02:40
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▲ The 2017 Ko-Yon Rugby Match. Photographed by Ha Yoo Jeong.
 The 2017 Ko-Yon Rugby was held on September 23, at the Mokdong Sports Complex. The game was fast and furious, with both the Korea University (KU) and Yonsei University (YU) team making threatening tries and offensive kicks.
The first half started with the kick off by KU. Immediately after KU managed a lineout which was connected to Han Koo Min (’14, Physical Education, S.O) near the 2 minute mark. However, this was linked to a penalty of knock on by KU, granting YU a chance for scrum. This was followed by intense kick exchanges followed by YU’s lineout. This was followed by penalties from both sides, KU with an offside, and YU by knock on penalties in the next minute. 8 minutes into the game KU was under crisis when Kim Chang Dae (’17, Physical Eduaction, C.T.B.)’s shot forward was grabbed by YU. This led to Maeng Min Young (’14, Yonsei, No.8) ravaging through the field for a try. The conversion kick followed did not succeed. KU immediately prompted a counter helmed by Kim Chang Dae (’17, Physical Education, C.T.B), obtaining a penalty kick near the YU in-goal line after a ruck. The 14 minute mark YU brought back the flow of the game, KU slipping in the line out process. This gave a scrum opportunity for YU. YU succeeded in defense, kicking the ball far across. KU managed to continue attacking near the half line by snatching a line out. In this process, KU makes an offside, giving a penalty kick to YU. KU recovered immediately, continuing to move forward in the 10m line on the YU side of the field, prompting YU to make a knock on penalty earning a scrum. However, KU also makes a penalty, giving YU a scrum followed by Baek Jong Eun (’17, Yonsei, F.B)’s attack which failed resulting in KU getting a lineout. This was followed by a kick exchange but resulted in a scrum for KU. Kang Won Jae (’14, Yonsei, Hooker) succeeds a try on the 26 minute mark putting KU in a tight spot. Bang Sung Yoon (’14, Yonsei, S.O) succeeds again in making a conversion kick for additional points. YU pressed the advantage with Bang Sung Yoon (’14, Yonsei, S.O) breaking through defenses and moving forward. KU countered such crisis helmed by Han Goo Min (’14, Physical Education, S.O.), who connected the ball to Choi Moon Hyuk (’15, Physical Education, Flanker) and barging through defenses. The counter was challenged numerous times KU giving out a lot of penalties. Kim Young Hwan (’16, Yonsei, Wing) succeeded in maximizing KU’s mistake of losing the ball and running forward for a try. The ensuing conversion kick also succeeded. Lee Seung Hun (’16, Physical Education, C.T.B) barges through YU’s defenses as counter but fails to score. The first period finishes with a score of 0-19 in YU’s favor.
The second half started with YU’s kickoff. This was followed by a back and forth exchange of the ball as well as penalties. In this process KU successfully earned a penalty kick but failed to score. KU still pressed forward forming a ruck, but failed to maintain control of the ball. To make matters worse, KU gave away a scrum to YU by a knock off penalty near the 5 minute mark. Kim Jin Hyuk (’14, Physical Education, C.T.B) made a move to pierce through the center, succeeding in obtaining a penalty kick. KU amidst this atmosphere succeeded in earning a try and Son Min Ki (’16, Physical Education, Flanker) immediately succeeded in the following conversion kick as well. Bolstered by this goal KU showed off impressive defenses blocking YU’s ruck progression. However, this was not enough to stop YU’s onslaught. Kim Jin Hwan (’14, Yonsei, Lock) succeeded a try and a conversion kick, turning the tide to YU again. Han Koo Min (’14, Physical Education, S.O)’s witty breakthrough however, allows for a try and a following conversion kick by Son Min Ki (’16, Physical Education, Flanker) turned the tides once again. A fierce back and forth pursued, from both sides. Choi Mun Hyuk (’15, Physical Education, Flanker) succeeded in barging through the defenses of YU and Son Min Ki (’16, Physical Education, Flanker) managed to score a conversion score on the 40 minute mark making the score nearly even 21-26.

But KU failed to score more and was defeated. This was the fourth defeat in a row for the 2017 Ko-Yon Games. 


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