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Lim Hyon Yoo  |
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승인 2017.05.30  22:16:48
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Constant change is an aspect of life that cannot be ignored. In an everchanging modern society, there are times when we have to change our way of life. Yet there are still some values people vow themselves to keep, and they have faith that these values will guide them through the chaotic journey of life. This month, in an attempt to understand the profound concept of faith, The Granite Tower (GT) asked the students of Korea University (KU) about the life pledges they had made for themselves.

It has always been our family tradition to go on a short trip every spring and fall. At least two times a year we plan a hike to the mountains or a short visit to another city. These times never seemed so precious until I slowly reached adulthood. Everyone, especially myself, became busier and more inclined to live outside the family. The two trips were almost the sole quality family time we could cherish, and indeed we have made quite a number of wonderful memories. That is why I promised myself to always engage in these family trips, no matter what happens.
Kim So Jeong (’17, Spanish Language and Literature)
It might seem too obvious, but personally I have struggled throughout my life to live up to the value of modesty. I have witnessed countless friends with a condescending attitude slowly collapse trying to live up to the insane standards they had boasted about. Observing them, I quietly vowed to myself to always be aware of selfconceit. Thus, after I entered KU, I have avoided talking about my GPA, no matter what my actual grades are. Some people who found out archly mocked my behavior as deception, but I still think it is much better than falling into narcissism.   
Lee Noah (’16, Statistics)
To not promise myself anything is the only pledge I have made for myself. Before college, having to live up to numerous promises was extremely wearying. I was tormented by the self-recrimination that always followed failure. After questioning myself, I concluded that I should no longer leash myself to a fixed goal. With a hundred years left to live, I plan to do whatever I want at the moment. That is how I applied for a leave of absence from school for a year, traveled to Europe for two months, and recently pierced my ears. My lifestyle might seem slightly reckless to some, but carpe diem for those who doubt it.
Na Hyun Jin (’15, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering)
Never let your leisure interfere with your professional life. That is what I have learned watching my father. My father loves to have a drink every afternoon with some food. It is the sole delight that he has not given up for his work or family. It was his way of relieving all his stress. However, regardless of how much he drunk the day before, he perfectly readied himself and made sure not to be late to work. In his career of over 40 years, only once has he ever been late. I never realized the greatness of this until I became an adult and tried alcohol myself. I got to truly admire him and promised to model his professionalism during my life.  
Jeon Sung Chan (’14, School of Industrial Management Engineering)
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