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트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
The sound of the little ball bouncing off here and there echoes through the halls of Hwajeong Tiger Dome. The fierce striking sound becomes enhanced as the player concentrates more on the ball. The game ends and the man smiles, looking at the white wall. With one great hit, the players in the Enthes club let go of the stress they have gained throughout the day and enjoy the pure satisfaction of playing squash.
Enthes was first established in 2007 for any Korea University (KU) student to enjoy the fulfillment of learning squash. Since 2007, almost 2000 students have joined the club and 30 to 40 students actively participate each semester. The club is open not only to KU undergraduates, but also to graduate school students as well as alumni. With such a large number of students in the club, it is a great opportunity to enjoy exercising and to get to know new people.
Like other physical activity clubs at KU, Enthes has many other activities for creating closer relationships among its members such as a field-trip day, after-practice-parties, and exchange meetings with other squash clubs. However, the president, Lee Byung Yun (’08, Mechanical Engineering), tells that Enthes offers a much greater chance for members to become closer than the other clubs do. Led said, “Usually the game is played by two members in a limited space. Thus, while playing the game, members form a tight bond with one another much faster and deeper than in other sports.”
▲ President Lee Byung Yun explaining about ENTHES(Enjoy the squash)Photographed by Song You Jin
Squash uses a combination of complex movements. It requires a balanced combination of stamina and quickness. Other racket sports such as badminton and table tennis using light-weight balls are more focused on speed. However, compared with those sports squash uses a heavier ball and the players hit the ball at a wall, which gives a greater feeling of batting than the rest of the other racket sports. The unpredictable rubber ball forces the players to be ready to move all around quickly, front to back or side to side.
Moreover, squash is played mainly in the lunge position. The lunge position uses the lower body muscles, especially the thigh area. Also, the swingmovement improves the abdominal muscles. Squash reguires fast movement and uses many parts of the body that consume a lot of energy. Thus, it is a great overall exercise for making your body fit. Lee said, "Squash is also beneficial for dieting. I think that is one reason why our club has many female students."
Enthes practices three days a week: Monday and Tuesday from seven to nine and half-court matches until nine forty, and Saturdays from ten in the morning. There are experienced members who train the beginning level members, and fortunately, this year the coach of the Korean National Squash Team is participating to help the higher level members as well. After a lot of practice, Enthes members compete with squash club members in other schools as well as with other amateur players.
Furthermore, when the vacation starts, there is a competition among the club members by which they are ranked. Later, at the end of the vacation, the club holds the Enthes Team League with seeding based on the rankings from the previous competition. Lee recalls his experience of participating in the competition. "I felt most satisfied when I saw the progress in my skills. I think that is the same with everyone else. Competitions become a sound, vibrant source to motivate us to practice."
▲ Squash practices are regularly taken on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Photographed by Song You Jin
As mentioned before, the club is open to anyone who is willing to learn and enjoy squash. Many students might wonder whether sports clubs are only for those who are athletic; however, this is not the case for Enthes. Not many people have the opportunity to learn the sport of squash before going to college because of the lack of facilities. Thus, most of the members in the club begin as starters. Also, by starting from the very beginning, you will feel the satisfaction of actually observing the gradual process of your improvement.
Enthes recruits continuously throughout the year. However, since there is a curriculum for learning that the members follow each practice, it is better for the new members to start from the beginning of a new semester. If you have no particular plan for this summer vacation, you should consider joining Enthes and making your body healthy.
Even if you are not able to start from the beginning of the semester, you can always catch up with the curriculum on your own. The membership fee is 30,000 won per semester, and this includes free rackets and payment for other activities held by the club. Moreover, practices are held three times a week, but the club is quite flexible about the rules, so you could participate in practices as your schedule allows.
▲ Picture taken during the field trip. The members of Enthes have strong intimacy with one another. Provided by Enthes
Since squash is not a popular sport, there are not many places in Korea to enjoy the game. However, KU students are lucky enough to have a pleasant and clean facility on campus. The president, Lee, invites other students to Enthes. "I hope that KU students can take advantage of this great opportunity that the school provides. By participating in the club, you can experience the fulfillment of making both your body and mind healthy."
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