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Animal Slaughter is Illegal in Denmark but Animal Prostitution Is Not
Song You Jin  |
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승인 2014.06.04  10:14:46
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As outrageous as it may sound, bestiality, including animal prostitution, is legal in Denmark. This means that animal brothels are accepted by law, and authorities do not punish those who practice bestiality. This is all too horrifying. For one thing, bestiality provokes moral disgust; and at the same time, it raises questions about the state of animal welfare in Denmark, where the ritual slaughter of animals was banned last February.

The practice of bestiality has been legal in Denmark since 1933. The term bestiality, or zoophilia, may not sound so familiar, but put simply, it is sex between a human and an animal. In most countries, sex with animals is outlawed. Germany and Sweden have recently passed bills in 2013 and 2014 respectively to ban bestiality. The United Kingdom (U.K.) deems zoophilia as a “profoundly disturbed behavior,” and most states of the United States (U.S.) have criminalized bestiality so far. However, bestiality is not outlawed in Denmark. It has been legal in the country since 1933, and the government is doing little to ban it.

Animal Brothels are Perfectly Legal in Denmark

While the practice of bestiality is not widespread, and many Danes are unaware of its legality in their country, it appears that bestiality is considered no more than a “lifestyle choice” in Denmark.

In Denmark, animal owners publicly and shamelessly advertise sex with animals. At the brothels, animals are tied up so that they cannot move or resist while they are raped by the clients. The clients pay about 85 to 170 dollars (approximately 87,000 to 174,000 won) each time, and some are from countries other than Denmark, where bestiality is not as openly practiced. Reportedly, this business is flourishing in Denmark.

In 2006, there was a bid by the Danish People’s Party to outlaw bestiality, but it failed after the report by the Danish Animal Ethics Council determined that existing laws were sufficient to protect animals against abuse. According to current laws, if death or any life-threatening injury occurs during the practice of bestiality, cruelty charges can be filed; otherwise, bestiality is perfectly legal.

Sadly, the majority of today’s Danish parliament believes that it is not necessary to ban sex with animals, neglecting the pain and stress inflicted in bestiality. Proponents of bestiality, or zoophiles, say that, as long as the animal concerned is not harmed during the sexual activities, it is tolerable. They argue that animals rarely suffer during the practice of bestiality. Michael Kiok, the chairman of the pressure group Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information, said in an interview that animal prostitution is, “without proof that the animal has come to any harm.”

Animal rights groups, on the other hand, have continued to campaign heavily for the ban of bestiality. Activists have gathered in front of Christianbor Palace Square, where the Danish Parliament is located. Not only that, they have also started a petition that demands Denmark criminalize bestiality.

▲ Animal rights groups are calling for a ban on bestiality in Denmark. Provided by

As a matter of fact, in an act of bestiality, animals are abused for the sexual gratification of a human being, most likely the one who pays the highest bid for it. As they are tied up during the practice, animals cannot withhold consent, reject or harm the zoophile in any way. They necessarily become victims of human greed and lust.

Denmark is Guilty of Double Standard on Animal Welfare

Bestiality, therefore, is purely the rape, torture, and abuse of animals. And as morally abhorrent as it is, animal activists contend that the legality of bestiality is a double-standard of animal rights and welfare in Denmark. They are enraged because, in February, Denmark passed the bill that requires all animals to be stunned before they are slaughtered for meat.

The act of slaughtering animals without pre-stunning them is known as Muslim Halal and Jewish Kosher slaughtering. It is a religious ritual carried out by Muslim and Jewish groups for whom pre-stunning is prohibited by their tradition. Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Minister Dan Jørgensen said in a TV interview that, “animal rights come before religion,” and the new legislation underlies concern for animal welfare.

▲ Denmark banned halal and kosher meat last February. Provided by

Animal rights groups say that this decision is in conflict with the fact that bestiality is legal in Denmark, especially since no animals have been ritually slaughtered in the country within the last decade, and Jews and Muslims in Denmark consume imported kosher and halal meat. Regarding the same issue of animal welfare, the Danish government is enforcing a double standard. Jews and Muslims see Denmark’s act to outlaw kosher and halal slaughter an act of anti-Semitism that limits their religious rights and freedom.

The same country that is banning kosher and halal meat because of the procedures is allowing the inhumane act of bestiality to continue. If Denmark is truly concerned for the welfare of animals, it should start with banning bestiality, an act of animal abuse and torture. As for now, Denmark’s reputation is going downhill.

▲ Animals are being used for sexual gratification in Denmark. Provided by

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