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승인 2014.05.01  15:28:37
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▲ Jeong Ji Hyun (, The Granite Tower (GT)

Seeking your own voice, finding beauty, creating something that only you can, stating your individuality and expressing yourself in ways that you feel comfortable are all what art is about. In a broader sense of the term, I believe that there are much more "artists" in the world than we normally think.

Not just the musicians, dancers, actors, designers who we traditionally, in no doubt, think of as artists, but computer programmers who stay up all night to come up with the most efficient algorithm, journalists who ask questions about the world and write about it, politicians who strive to come up with a winning strategy, all are, in nature, “artists.” They are creating new products, new writings, and new ideas. Even students around us, whether they like to draw, write or dress up fashionably to their taste, are engaging in artistic tasks. The subject of art has become a more intriguing one to discuss. In this sense, this month’s theme is “Art.” Some of our reporters have written articles on how people define themselves and how we perceive beauty. Some articles are on how young artists make use of their diversified distribution channels such as the Internet and social media. We also have interviews with Alexander, former singer and member of U-KISS, and Choi Jeong Yoon, shopping mall entrepreneur and blogger best known as “Withyoon.”

 Finally, I would like to end my letter with deepest condolences to all the lives lost in the Sewol Ferry disaster.
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