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KU, The Abyss of Memories
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승인 2014.04.06  19:50:25
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

It was snowing when I stepped out of the Woodang Hall after my last final exam at Korea University (KU). I stared at the snow for a while and saw panoramic views of my undergraduate years pass by.

What is "Korea University" to you? Four years passed in a blink of the eye and few words here won't serve justice to share the rich experience and the answer to what KU means to me. My freshman year with Saeteo and Sabal-sik gave me a rough start. Then I joined the cheerleading squad "Young Tigers."

Under the hot summer sun, we burnt our skin until it turned brown while training for the synchronization practice. I would have to admit that the training wasn't easy but after all the twists and turns, I finally stood before my classmates at Jamsil Main Stadium. "Fur Elise" echoed in the stadium, the synchronization team cheered from the side and my colleagues before me were shouting to cheer. That is when the words, "Korea University" penetrated my heart for the first time.

Many would describe our university in specific keywords such as "school spirit" and "aggregation." I find our love and bond to be different from other school. No other schools but KU is able to provide this privilege of priceless memories. Having said this, I come to lament how many of my juniors remain indifferent to such privilege.

Although our youth is strained to infinite competition imposed by the society, l truly hope that we do not passively subject to these chains. I challenge you to see things that are more valuable. I challenge you to focus on things that can be done and only be done at this age. I challenge you to take interest in building priceless memories, more than you would in grades.

When talking to anyone associated to KU, you will come to know that memories at KU are exclusive to us. For those who have their graduation yet to come, please look forward to making memories at KU which will later make you happy upon reflection. Thank you, Love you and I'll miss you, KU.

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