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The Next Prospective Sympathizers: Godaegonggamdae
Kim Na Young  |
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승인 2014.03.06  18:53:02
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ The two representatives of this year’s 47th KUSA. Provided by Godaegonggamdae
▲ The two representatives of this year’s 47th KUSA. Provided by Godaegonggamdae
As a member of Korea University (KU), one of the rights that KU students have is the right to vote for the next KU Student Association (KUSA). The last election was held for three days, from December 4, 2013 to December 6, 2013, and 8554 students voted. At the end, victory went into the hands of Godaegongamdae. Now, a new question has aroused regarding whether they would become a successful and memorable KUSA or not.
Following 2012 and 2013, the era of Godaegongamdae has once again begun. With the candidates of Choi Jong Un (’11, Mechanical Engineering) and Lee Na Young (’11, International Studies), they have newly been elected as the next 47th KUSA by getting 53.75 percent of the votes. In the past, they have appealed themselves as a KUSA that keeps its promises, as they have continuously fulfilled the pledges they have made during their campaigns.
For example, the 2012 KUSA had kept their words and built smoking booths in front of the Central Plaza and behind the Science Library. They have also designed Anam-gol Taekriji and Babriji that were distributed in February and October respectively. These helped inform students to find residences and restaurants around campus.
The next Godaegongamdae had went further in carrying out their electoral commitments as they had succeeded in alleviating the KU dormitory curfew and installed a Men’s Lounge in the Science and Engineering Campus. They have especially been complimented in reducing the number of Core General Education Courses that students must take for graduation from four to three.
Thanks to the great achievements they have made in the past, it was easier for Godaegonggamdae to receive many votes and eventually win. Fortunately, they seem to be going through a hopeful start in opening up a successful year.
Keeping their Promises
In order to prepare for a great successful year and fulfill all of the pledges, KUSA has been working hard by engaging in various activities related to KU. “During this winter break, Godaegongamdae has worked hard to ensure that we can keep our promises that would help the students after the semester begins,” claims Choi, the new president of KUSA.
One of the things that they have been preparing last break was to continue the successful activities that the past KUSA has done, including the Chungchun Card. To allow students to enjoy more diverse benefits, they have constantly held meetings with famous family restaurants and even restaurants and cafes in Anam. They have also worked on developing a better and useful smartphone application and renamed it KUAPP.
KUSA is anticipating that such application would also help them to communicate with all KU students. As representatives of KU, they have also taken part in various issues relating to the administration of KU. “Since it was our very first pledge, we have continuously worked hard to straighten the university evaluation system, as it is causing the quality of education to decline,” states Choi firmly. Hence, they have regularly expressed their dissatisfaction towards such evaluation and are planning to do so even during the semester.
Godaegongamdae has also participated in protesting against the school regarding important matters including the school tuition fees, the newly adjusted academic regulations, and the rearrangement issue of particular majors. “As these are things that are greatly related to the lives of the KU students, we have never given up on them and have even held press conferences,” adds Choi. Thus, for them, it has been a long yet meaningful winter break.
They have also made several arrangements of their schedule during the semester. As March approaches and a new school year begins, KUSA is planning to practice movements to improve the university’s educational environment for the rights of the students to study. In addition, they have decided to continue the Honey Bookstore which had begun last year and start Gonggam Classes which will enable students to develop their skills in their interests that they cannot learn in college, such as calligraphy.
Areas for Improvement
However, no one is perfect and, unfortunately, such a saying seems to apply even to Godaegonggamdae. There are some students who raise doubts about whether the new KUSA would be able to achieve all of the pledges they have made last December. “Some promises, including balancing the number of courses in each area of Core General Education Courses, seem rather impossible to me,” claims Chung Ji Hye (’13, English Language and Literature). It is because it is hard for Godaegongamdae to actually actively engage in the course developing process.
Although they appear to be working arduously to meet the students’ demands, complaints still
exist, especially about the communication between KUSA and the students. “Despite the existence of the Godaegongamdae Facebook account and website, it is really hard for ordinary students like myself to contact KUSA. Unlike their name, students are not able to sympathize with them,” says Kim Jae Won (’12, Economics). However, Choi explains that they are planning to overcome such a problem through the newly adjusted KUAPP.

Although it is true that Godaegongamdae has some limitations, it is definitely true that they are making their best attempts to make KU a better place by keeping promises and sympathizing with the students, for they have made many preparations during the break in order to satisfy the students and make KU a better place to study. Therefore, students should constantly keep their eyes open for the new KUSA, as they are the ones who would start sympathizing with KU, along with the KU students. 


▲ The members of the newly elected KUSA, Godaegonggamdae. Provided by Godaegonggamdae.
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