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승인 2014.03.04  22:02:20
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▲ Jeong Ji Hyun (, The Granite Tower (GT)
This year, The Granite Tower (GT) is in celebratory mood of our 60th anniversary of the founding. The first issue was published in 1954, a year after the Korean War when things were very different. 60 years have passed and I am here, about to publish the first issue as the new editor-in-chief, humbled by the history of this magazine, thankful to our predecessors who have made a rich tradition and a legacy for one to follow. Most of all, the gratitude goes to the readers who relied on us for a source of news.

This month I got to work with 20 amazing writers and editors. We gave up a part of our vacation to report significant pieces of news, dig deeper into the topics that needed to be dealt, and deliver the stories that the readers will want to read. The general theme for this month is “Youth.” Youth of our generation has been praised and it has been criticized. However, “youth” remains as a period of time that people in all age groups have a personal affection towards. Borrowing the words of Samuel Ullman, I hope you will enjoy our exploration of “youth,” as it is “the freshness of the deep springs of life.”

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