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승인 2013.10.30  16:20:51
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For those of you automobile manias, the term GT, Gran Turismo, would sound familiar. A Gran Turismo, a luxurious high performance automobile that is nevertheless surprisingly utilitarian, seems just like The Granite Tower (GT) – while it is amazingly informative, pampered with up to date news written from a Korea University (KU) customized perspective, it never forgets the enjoyable touch that sympathizes with the readers. The recent October edition explores the grand theme of history and its current status. Without any sugarcoating, the cover story jumps right into the blunt realities of history education that would inevitably lead to an irreversible loss. The following articles and features also provide the hottest news all around the world while holding on to the unifying motif of history.

The Granite Tower (GT) clearly is not in its best shape yet. With several confusing statements and unattractive layouts that demand modifications, it is still miles away from nonpareil. Nonetheless, looking at the pace of improvements and the staff’s willingness to head towards perfection, there is no doubt that the future of The Granite Tower (GT) is promising. Those lucky students who have easy access to this growing beacon of thoughtful minds, take full advantage of your golden opportunity to expand your spectrum of the world.

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