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승인 2013.09.15  11:53:06
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Students complain a lot as a means of expressing their desire for better treatment. It can be a necessary form of action that ensures that they acquire what they deserve. However, at just this moment of juncture, business students at Korea University (KU) have a reason to hold their complaints. The Hyundai Motor Business Hall, the third business department building of the campus, is up and running.

▲ Interior of the Hyundai Motor Business Hall.Provided by Korea University.


 The Hyundai Motor Business Hall will be open for lectures and students this semester. Following the LG POSCO Hall, the Hyundai Motor Business Hall will be the third KU Business School facility. Since construction first started in 2010, an estimated 45 billion won has been spent to build the Hall. The large budget used on the structure was funded one hundred percent by donations from Business School alumni, faculty, and current students. The structure is named for the largest giver, Hyundai Motors, whose Vice Chairman Chung Eui Sun is a class of 89 Business School alumnus. Other contributors will have their names placed on the building’s stairs. With such significant financial investment poured into it, the Hyundai Motor Business Hall's features are nothing short of amazing. The Hall’s nine floors will be divided into 28 faculty rooms, 16 lecture rooms, 50 group study rooms, and 1050 lockers. Functionality-wise, the building includes a geothermal heat pump system, a central heating system that sends heat to or receives heat from the ground, which allows for maximum energy efficiency. At the same time, the structure has been designed to offer a nature-friendly environment. It thus includes a rooftop garden, a green belt on the second and third floors, and wide windows intended to allow the sunlight to shine through. Such features are intended to make the structure as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The public reaction among the Business School students and faculty towards the building is positive.

Many students as well as faculty members expect the new facility to be a powerful asset to the department and hope it will enhance the educational environment. “I expect a lot from the building. It offers students a place to work on team projects, and also provides more lecture rooms,” Hong Haesun (’11, Business), a student donor of the building mentioned.

The structure is expected to alleviate stated complaints that the other business buildings did not have any cafés or convenience stores nearby. The Hyundai Motor Business Hall should fix this problem. In addition, the Hall will have printers and computers for student use. The building’s donation system has received general acclaim. Hong said, “I think it is great that the school gave students an opportunity to have our names placed on the building stairs. I personally donated a small sum to the building, and I think it an honor to have my name on it.” This allows students to connect with the school on a personal level. Meanwhile, the construction of the Hyundai Motor Business Hall could also indicate a positive development for other departments at KU. Such new buildings may predict a possible renovation of other buildings around the college, and students are hopefully looking forward to such developments. Apart from the Hyundai Motor Business Hall, KU has recently added several new buildings to the Anam campus to provide students with an up-to-date academic environment. These include the Media Hall built in 2011 with a 20 billion won budget, Uncho-Useoun Hall built in 2010 for 13 billion won, and the International Center for Converging Technology built in 2008 for 17 billion won. These buildings, clad with an classic medieval exterior and modern interior facilities, are representative of KU’s drive to give its students the best. KU is currently working on additional projects to further improve its infrastructure, and the Hyundai Motor Business Hall marks a successful continuation. Depending on the students’ and faculty members’ implementation of the Hyundai Motor Business Hall, it will become clear whether KU’s efforts will bear fruit or not.

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