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Kim Sun Mi  |  '11, Biotechnology
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승인 2013.06.16  01:07:47
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

As May is a month of family, the articles on family issues were basically eye-catching. A majority of articles were focused on medicine and it was nice how the articles associated medical science with family matters. Moreover, as the time for festivals has come, the articles that dealt with related topics were also appropriate. However room for improvement remains.

As to several articles that covered college festivals as their topic, one question comes to my mind—what is the original purpose of KU festival, Ipselenti “Jiya Hamsung” (Roar of Wisdom and Wilderness)? It seems like Korea University (KU) students were expecting well-known celebrities for their festival. Among students, who is coming to perform that night may be the hottest issue surrounding Ipselenti, but they need to question themselves.

It is a sad reality that celebrities are stealing the spotlight from students, and the true meaning of college festivals has been tarnished. The stars of our KU festival should be the KU students, not those we see on TV. Ipselenti is intended to be the one-time event at which all KU students congregate and experience team spirit through participation in student events. In other words, it is important that students become the festival participants, not the audience members of celebrity performances.

As is the case with student appreciation day in America, there should be some interactive activities involved that everyone can enjoy and participate in, thus promoting cooperation and unison among classmates. We hope that any member of the student government who reads this monitoring advice will take the above suggestions to heart to make for a more cheerful and fulfilling Ipselenti. Last but not least, change has to come within the minds of students: it is totally up to us to change the future of our campus festival.

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