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승인 2013.04.02  17:45:06
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

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TV, probably one of the most common electronic products, has seen a lot of significant evolution. It was once a thick and heavy cathode ray tube (CRT), then it became an extraordinarily slim liquid crystal display (LCD). Light emitting diode (LED) television, with an outstanding resolution then met the world. Now, it is the era of Organic LED (OLED). 

LG introduced the firstly commercialized version of OLED in the Consumer Electronic Show 2013. The size of the TV is 55 inches, the biggest OLED in history. The TV implements the world’s first “White RGB (red blue green)” input system in order to show brighter and more correct images.

It differentiates itself from other TVs by employing “Color-refiner” technology to refine the image into a more profound one. It also has one feature in common with that other new generation TVs: anti-reflection coating so that customers will have no problem watching with the OLED TV under strong sunlight.

However, the features above are not comparable to its physical appearances; its thickness is 4mm, which is even slimmer than a common smartphone. Also, it weighs less than 10kg, which is unprecedentedly lighter than other TVs with similar sizes.

Nonetheless, the general public does not seem to share LG’s enthusiasm. “The OLED TV looks great,” says Choi Hyeong Cheol (’12, Mechanical Engineering), “but I do not see that big of a reason to buy the product now.” Indeed, on top of everything, like Choi later said, “there is not much content that could not match to the quality of this up-to-date TV.”

Also, similar to other products with new technology, LG’s OLED TV is awesomely cool, but its price is terrifyingly high, which is up to approximately 11 million Won. However, there is one rule with electronic products that is known to almost everyone: prices get lower as time goes on, and quality increases. Therefore, after a couple of years, there is a certain possibility that OLED TV might be one of the best-selling electronic products in the industry.

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