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Mr. KU – The Manliest Man in KU
Lee Seung Hyun  |
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승인 2012.11.13  13:12:11
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ Ahn Sung Soo, ('12, Foreign Languages and Literatures) poses for the judges during preliminary rounds. Photographed by Jeong Ji Hyun

The 49th Mr. Korea University (KU) contest took place on November 9 at the Inchon Memorial Hall. Hosted annually by the weightlifting club of KU. 19 students applied this year to become known as the manliest man of 2012. The event was of the following two parts: the preliminary rounds and the finals.

After the opening ceremonies where the captain of the weightlifting club gave a speech, the girls of the weightlifting club demonstrated a fitness exercise. In the preliminary rounds, contestants came on stage in groups of six to assume predetermined seven positions that they were required to do. After assuming the required positions, contestants took turns performing to the songs that they chose. Loud cheers and applause were heard from the crowd as contestants showed off their muscles.

Eight contestants made it to the finals where they assumed free positions. After the contestants finished their last performance, judges scored them based on balance of muscles, the state of muscle development, and the attitude during positions. After the careful deliberation by the judges, the winner of this year’s Mr.KU contest was Ahn Sung Soo (’12, Foreign Languages and Literatures). The second place and third place went to Yang Hyun Joon ('12, Foreign Languages and Literatures) and Kim Hyun Ho ('07, Display and Semiconductor Physics) respectively. The rookie award and the popularity award went to Choi Hoi Min ('12, Classical Chinese) and Choi Dong Keun ('11, Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering) respectively. Ahn, this year’s Mr. KU, surprised everybody by winning for he was only a freshmen and it was his first time entering the contest. Ahn said, “It came as a true surprise that I won, considering that I am a freshmen. It really feels like all the effort and the hard work paid off.”

▲ The winners of this year's Mr. Korea University contest poses for the cameras during the award ceremonies. Photographed by Jeong Ji Hyun

Ahn and other weightlifting club members prepared for this event throughout the year by watching their diet and working out during the weekdays. Perhaps it was this effort and control that made these 19 students the manliest men in KU. It was quite an experience for the contestants as well as the audience. One of the audience, Kwon Ji Eun ('12, Foreign Languages and Literatures) said, “It’s not everyday I get to see a bodybuilding contest. It was really something.” Their performance was appreciated and applauded by the crowd.


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