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The 7th Media Cultural Festival “Midam (Media’s Story, My Story, A Beautiful Story)”
Kwon Su Hyeon  |
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승인 2012.11.13  13:07:36
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

During one whole week starting from November 2 until the 8, the School of Media and Communication hosted the 7th Media Cultural festival named “Midam (Media’s Story, My Story, A Beautiful Story).” Throughout the festival, an exhibition displaying students’ self-created articles, pictures, and screenplays was held in the lobby of the Media Hall along with a photo exhibition hosted by the Photo Journalism society at Hana Square and Daehangno. “As a student from another department, the exhibitions were very interesting and insightful. I was able to learn much on how pictures can speak their own words,” said Cheong Han Ul (’10, Sociology). This festival launched its official start with a band performance played by the department’s own band “Distortion” near Hongik University. The following days were consisted of diverse activities including a screening of students’ self-filmed videos at the Korea University (KU) Cinema Trap; the “Midam Concert” in which students share their personal worries with professors; and a finale party which was held at the department’s room. Kim Tak Hoon (’11, Journalism and Mass Communication), Vice President of the student council, said that although the process of publicizing the festival was difficult, he feels it worth just being able to gather students at such a significant and meaningful event.

▲ The hosts of the "Midam" are giving an opening speech. Photographed by Choi Ji Won
▲ Photo exhibition features the photos and writings of students at the Media Hall lobby. Photographed by Choi Ji Won

This year’s 7th Media Cultural Festival seems to have come to a success as media students truly showed off their skills and insights they have in this field. Kim Da Eun (’11, Journalism and Mass Communication), the President of the Film Study Society, commented, “We have studied about films over the whole of summer break and we are finally presenting our results to students on screen. Although we still have a far way to go, I hope students will still enjoy watching our films.” Students who came to the festival to watch films, read articles, and look at pictures mostly seemed surprised by the final outcomes. “I was surprised to see how well the films were made. I feel proud that I am part of the School of Media and Communication.” said Ko Se Rin (’12, Journalism and Mass Communication). Overall, the 7th Media Cultural Festival has been surely more than enough to prove the strong stance the School of Media and Communication holds within KU.

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