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승인 2012.10.28  22:01:44
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ Editor-in-Chief, The Granite Tower

September is the busiest time of the year for The Granite Tower (GT) staff. This September, we recruited new cub reporters,celebrated our 58th anniversary, and covered the most exciting event of the year, the Annual Go-Yon Games, for photo essay and our Internet news report. While rushing around the Jamsil Sports Complex, we could not stop ourselves from shouting out our cheers for the players. Such deafening cheers were Korea University (KU) and Yonsei University (YU) students means of communicating their earnest words of encouragement to the players on the field.

Communication can happen anytime and anywhere by various means. It can happen on sports grounds like at the Annual Go-Yon Games or inside a company as we depicted in the Aon Hewitt section s article. In this October issue, GT wanted to try various approaches to communication. Commemorating Hangeul Proclamation Day, the Cover Story values Hangeul and Korean language as the most basic communication tools. Some unique methods such as infographics or emoticons are introduced through feature articles. One reporter visited and reviewed Park No Hae s exhibition, which tried to convey what he saw in Burma by the most visual and simple means of communication; photographs.

GT also held a photo exhibition in the People s Square last month. For GT, it was another way of communicating with KU students. We had always felt a difficulty in getting closer to KU students, and some consoled themselves by saying, It is just one of those things. We are publishing an English-language magazine and it is no wonder that Korean students hesitate to grab one. However, while preparing the photo exhibition and this issue, I realized that the problem was not in the language that we used; it was in our attitude. I remember learning that one should talk for one minute and listen for two minutes while having a conversation. Until now, GT talked for years through magazines but put a relatively small effort into listening to what readers and students wanted to say. To start listening, GT has invited monitoring students and actively collected various opinions.

This October issue will talk to you as always. However, this time, I hope this issue lets readers think once more about and reflect on their manner of communication, just as GT did.

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