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[NEWS] A Beautiful Autumn Night with Si-sun-ga
Kweon Seo Young  |
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승인 2019.11.06  23:46:52
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ The 2019 Si-Sun-ga. Photographed by Kweon Seoyoung
On November 6, a liberal arts program Si-sun-ga, which means an autumn night with poetry and melody, was held by Korea University (KU) Institute for General Education at Kim Yang-Hyun hall in the KU Auditorium. The program went on with music being played, poetry and prose being read out loud, by eighteen KU presenters who were selected through an open call and recommendation. KU people have been enjoying this annual event for five years.

The event was smoothly conducted by Professor Ryoo Kyoung-Sun (Institute of General Education). It opened with a beautiful and lyrical piano performance, Liszt’s Étude De Concert No. 3, played by Kim Dong-hee (Chemistry). Later, a poem recital by Unya Stella Kahindo (Food and Resource Economics) followed, expressing sentiments about her hometown. The third presenter, Lee Moo-hee (KU Press), recited a prose about how to allow oneself a break in a difficult and intense life, which was followed by a recitation of a poem dealing with feelings of desire and sorrow from Choi Su-yeon (English Language and Literature). Furthermore, a clarinet performance by Lee Jung-Hun (College of Medicine) and Jin Joon-ho (College of Medicine) created an emotive atmosphere.

Next presenters, Kwak Soo-bin (Economics) and Kim Gyu-ri (Russian Language and Literature), read their prize-winning essay, which covers impression and inspiration in daily life. Then, two self-written poems, containing consideration on interpersonal relationships and a national sentiment by Ryu Sae-hyun (Media Creative Writing) and Kim Chul-ho (History) touched the hearts of the audience. A poem recited by Ripatova Assel (Political Science and International Relations) conveyed an important lesson, to find one’s own dreams and live a new life, while Tserendorj Erkhembayar (Political Science and International Relations) impressed the audience with the message of love and humanity. Self-composed music performed by Kim Su-yeon (Psychology) and Bae Ji-hyun (French Language and Literature) was welcomed for its fresh lyrics and rhymes. Finally, the event ended with the wonderful stage of a string quartet playing Brahms’ Piano Quartet No.1.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs thanked every participant for performing and attending, thereby making a beautiful autumn night. Thanks for the event Si-sun-ga, everyone was able to be in a relaxed mood, outside of daily school life. 


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Kim Moonsoo, MA
Waw~~!!! It's great and very wonderful for our prestigeous Korea University to have such a sentimental, emotive, meaningful and healing event on the compus every autumn. I extend my cordial thanks for all those who presented their wonderful talents for our fellow KU members. I'm a graduate of the English Language & Literature Department and I still miss my KU days with the Granite Tower~!!
(2019-11-28 07:43:19)
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