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승인 2019.10.09  13:58:10
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ The Rose's recent album "RED", Provided by J&STAR COMPANY

People face diverse types of wind and waves in their lives, and it is just like two edges of a sword that sometimes provides power but sometimes gives a harsh situation to them. When winds come along or behind people and cheer them by pushing at their backs, it may give positive power; however, when they face against people, it might block the path and affect them negatively. The Rose, a rock band in Korea, gives messages related to these different types of winds and waves to the public by their songs. Although the negative wind may block one’s way, the band sings a song for people not to be frustrated but to cheer up and do their best at living their lives freely.

The Rose, who belongs to the music company called J&Star Company, debuted on August 3, 2017. With four members in the group, each of them is skilled at playing instruments including drum, keyboard, electronic and acoustic guitar. Therefore, the group provides a richer tone with various kinds of sounds. Also, as the name of their band is The Rose, which signifies that they want to be the band who has diverse images and wide musical spectrum, just like the many colors of roses.

In the same vein, each member has their representative color of roses. Woo- sung, the leader, symbolizes a white rose, which can be mixed with any other color easily. Do-joon is red representing both passionate and romantic aspects, and Ha-joon symbolizes a blue rose, positive meaning of a miracle. In contrast to the other deep reason of the colors, Jae- hyeong chose pink because the color looks good on him. This unique character and concept are also shown by their symbol color of the entire group and their fandom—black and a black rose which represents the combination of all colors in this world.

Before their debut, each member tried hard to fulfill their dream to become a singer. The leader, Woo-sung, participated in the audition called “K-pop Star” in the first season. After the audition, Do-joon suggested to him to be a member of the current group, and he became the leader after joining. Do-joon and Jae-hyeong met when they had been busking together in Hong-dae Street in Seoul. It was 2015 when Ha-joon, Woo-sung and Do-joon made an indi-band called Wind Pole and, afterwards, Woo-sung came in to create The Rose at last.

Not only are their instrumental talents fascinating, but their songs are also interesting as they deal with various aspects in life—love, detachment, sorrow, and passion. Their first album Sorry (2017) has a lyrical melody, making people feel sorrow from the detachment from their lovers. Released in August, their recent album Red (2019) delivered a message about the positive attitude of life to the listeners. Unlike the love songs on the previous albums, they deliver a cheerful melody song to the public in the hot humid weather of summer. The public could get more power and empathize with the lyrics of their songs that make people happier.


The members are now participating in not only the musical activity, but also the various types of programs in Korea. Recently, they participated in the television (TV) program called “Super Band,” which was the contest between the current bands of Korea. The Rose got more recognition through this program and their popularity is constantly increasing. As their songs and talents are outstanding, it would be more interesting to keep an eye on them from now on, seeing the other attitudes of life which is full of winds and waves through their songs. 

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