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Music, Consoling Medicine for a Troubled Soul
Jeong Yeon Soo  |
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승인 2019.10.07  09:32:37
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Maintaining good mental health is an ongoing struggle for modern people, many of who often suffer from stress. Unlike physical injury, which can be effectively treated by a doctor, minds worn out by various ordeals are more difficult to restore. In this respect, music therapy has emerged as a strategy to promote health using the dynamic forces that music contains. Music has become a popular way to console people by lighting up the whole brain. In the October issue, The Granite Tower (GT) interviewed four Korea University (KU) students who have overcome their hardships through the help of music.

Park Yoon-su (’17, Economics)
I was feeling down for quite a while during my sophomore year at college. I was unsure about my future, and I felt as if I was buried in an endless fog. At that time, two songs offered words of consolation to me. One was “Stay Home” by Foushee, which taught me to simply set aside tangled emotions and find peace in my inner sanctuary. Surprisingly, I felt much better after repeating the track, staying in my own haven. Another one was “Scared” by Jeremy Zucker, who tells a lover not to be afraid as he will always be at their side. Each line of the song just touched my heart, greeting my wavering mind with calm waves, telling me that it is normal to be confused and lost at times.
Kweon Ji Hyun (’18, Chemistry)
Most of my worries are about my future and where I will be in the next 10 to 20 years. Thinking about the future has always been daunting because it is hard to establish what I truly believe success is. These thoughts often cloud my positive outlook on life and make me feel down. When I feel this way, I tend to listen to sad songs that I can relate to. I listen to slow-paced songs that have calming melodies. They seem to tell me that it is fine to be sad and depressed sometimes since life is tough for everyone. Sad songs help me sort out my messy thoughts. I would like to recommend “Beautiful People” by Sam Ock.
Lee Ju Heon (’19, English Language and Literature)
As a freshman who has just entered university, the hardest time of my life was during my senior year in high school. Just like anybody who has gone through the admissions process, I was extremely stressed out from school work and examinations for university entrance. During this time when I was full of worries, I listened to “Uphill Road” by Jung-in with Yoon Jong-shin. The song starts off with lyrics singing “From now on, our smile will fade. Look at this uphill path,” and this line perfectly corresponded to the reality that I was facing. After listening to the track, I focused on studying, learning that life is full of struggles, but as I walk step by step towards the summit, I will ultimately be able to meet a beautiful landscape.
Kim Byeonchul (’14, Health Policy and Management)
I am currently in my final year of university. I had a very difficult time last semester and faced numerous concerns. I not only hesitated whether to find a job or go to graduate school but also lost genuine interest in both my school life and relationships. Every day was the same, nothing but a series of tedious and unsatisfying days. Then one day, I heard “Help” by 10cm by chance at a café, and the song somehow magically helped me to fill the vague hollowness that I had felt for a while. Lyrics pleading for unconditional help with the soft voice of the singer resolved the sense of bitterness in my heart, comforting my soul in grief. Although the music did not help me to fundamentally solve my problems, it provided sweet dreams for me and a moment of great pleasure. 
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