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[NEWS] Voices Demanding the Presidential Impeachment of KUSU Rise within KU
Jun Uhnjin  |
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승인 2019.10.02  13:10:24
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn


“An Impeachment Motion Toward the 51st President and Vice President of Korea University Student Union (KUSU)” posted beside the West Gate. Provided by KUSUPIEC Facebook Page

On September 18, a campus poster titled “An Impeachment Motion Toward the 51st President and Vice President of Korea University Student Union (KUSU)” was posted beside the West Gate by KUSU Presidential Impeachment Executive Committee (KUSUPIEC). The following reasons supported the impeachment motion: Problems regarding the student union fee, their uncooperative attitude shown at the 8·30 rally, unorganized handling of the Annual Ko-Yon Games ticket distribution, absence of communication with disabled students, and the incompetence shown at the KU May Festival Week.

After the poster was put up, KUSUPIEC was able to gather 656 signatures from KU students, which enabled the committee to officially deliver the motion to the Central Steering Committee (CSC) on September 29. KUSUPIEC stated its objective to bring in the impeachment motion at the upcoming Fall Student Representative Meeting scheduled on October 6. In order to do so, KUSUPIEC requested a temporary meeting of CSC to be held on October 2 to discuss the motion.

According to the Article 107 of KUSU Bylaws, CSC must convene a student representative meeting within five days of the posting of an impeachment motion in order to deliberate and vote on the motion. Likewise, the detailed procedure of the impeachment motion is expected to be decided at the CSC temporary meeting. With various voices regarding KUSU rising at the moment, the impeachment motion of KUSU is indeed a critical and controversial matter of debate within KU. 

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