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Where ARIZONA Wants to Be
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“Few thousand miles and an ocean away, but I see the sunrise just like the other day.” The calming lyrics and melody of the song “Oceans Away” deliver an emotional message to a lover who is physically far away. The band A R I Z O N A’s debut album titled Gallery (2017) encompasses songs with diverse styles and impassionate messages of love. When listening to the songs, listeners may recognize that romance may not be the only word to describe what love is. The songs of Gallery take listeners on a new journey to discover the sophisticated dimensions of love.


The American alternative pop band A R I Z O N A consists of three members – Zachary Charles on vocals, Nate Esquite on guitar, and David Labuguen on keys. The band continuously released its singles, such as “Cross My Mind” and “Oceans Away” in 2016. The debut album Gallery was released the following year, with twelve tracks of distinctive styles. Along with its basis in alternative pop, electronic tunes are incorporated in some of the tracks as well. The album received favorable reviews from listeners, ranking 24th on the United States (U.S.) Alternative Billboard chart and 143rd on the Billboard 200.

The opening song of Gallery is “Annie,” which begins with the emotions of experiencing insecurity and eventually finding assurance. Although the lyrics connote the feeling of despair, the amplified beats accompanied by electronic tunes effectively deliver the feelings without being overly dramatic. The repetition of the lover’s name – Annie – called out several times throughout the song accentuates how strongly the speaker needs her. Addictivebeats and melody nonetheless make “Annie” a powerful starter for the album.


▲ beats and melody nonetheless make “Annie” a powerful starter for the album, Provided by AMAZON

ARIZONA delves deeper into the meaning of love through the song “Where I Wanna Be.” The song starts with a catchy melody played by the guitar, creating an ecstatic atmosphere. The words of the song also demand attention, as the singer describes how love creates freedom. The desire to venture out to where the singer wants to be is accomplished through the love he receives from his lover. Along with the repeated and easy to follow lyrics, “Where I Wanna Be” is certainly a type of song that will linger in the head even after listening to it only once.


“Oceans Away,” makes an end to the album and carries out an up-beat sound with sentimental lyrics. When listeners first encounter the song, it feels as if the singer is telling a story. Indeed, the lyrics of the song begin with first falling in love and then move towards articulating the singer’s emotions when being physically distanced from his lover. Furthermore, the subtle guitar and drum instrumentals add a relaxed yet lively ambience to the music.


Gallery is an album that can be compared to a box of chocolates. The arrangement and instrumentals used in each of the songs are all different and unpredictable. However, there is one common feature rooted in all of the tracks – the songs show the experiences and feelings that lead to love. The complicated messages of relationships are discussed throughout the album, simultaneously reflecting the adversity and sweetness of love. Along with the empowering lyrics and sentimental beats, A R I Z O N A’s Gallery will captivate the ears of listeners on the way to a deepened journey of love.

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