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[NEWS] Autumn Festival Returned to Interest Students
Kie Hae Seung  |
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승인 2019.09.26  23:23:30
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn


▲ Students participating in activities at a booth at Morakmorak on September 26. Photographed by Kie Hae Seung

An annual event returned, with the 2019 Autumn Festival of Korea University (KU) Morakmorak being held in the People’s Square from September 24 to September 26. Organized by the 36th KU Club Union Boram and planned by the 2019 Autumn Festival Preparatory Committee Anamchungchundan, a variety of clubs keen to make an impression on participants ran diverse booths filled with activities.

The title of the festival, Morakmorak, is a Korean word which describes the shape of smoke arising little by little from a fire. This name symbolically signifies the goal of this year’s festival, which is clarified in an introduction to the event: “Like the way people gather around warm campfires, the 2019 Autumn Festival Morakmorak provides a spot and content which current and potential members of clubs can share to lead a healthy university culture.” In addition to creating a hub for fostering an active university culture, the festival brought joy and acted as a shelter for busy students, fulfilling its other primary goals. Some of the booths at the scene of the festival were organized by individual clubs or in collaboration with one another. For instance, a “Zero Paper Receipts Campaign” booth—created by KU Saving Environment Project (KUSEP) and U-Savers, a group of university student volunteers acting for the Climate Change Center—conducted an OX quiz educating participants on the ineffectiveness of paper receipts. Furthermore, they petitioned for signatures to support the elimination of paper receipts and distributed reusable stainless straws.

Morakmorak lived up to its name by serving as a figurative fire to gather around, drawing the attention of all students who were passing by, and came to a satisfying close. It seems safe to anticipate an even more successful Autumn Festival next year.

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