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[NEWS] Business Cooperation Between KU and KB Securities for Improved Service
Youn Bo Hyun  |
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승인 2019.09.11  02:28:29
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▲ A signing ceremony for a business partnership between KU and KB Securities. Provided by KB Securities

On September 5, a business tie-up to develop investment service using machine learning was formed between Korea University (KU) and KB Securities, a subsidiary of South Korea’s largest financial conglomerate, KB Financial Group. A signing ceremony for a business partnership was held in Yeouido, Seoul. The company, KB Securities, will be cooperating with Data and Visual Analytics Lab which is in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of KU. Since machine learning is one of the abilities that artificial intelligence (AI) uses to generate rules and improve its movement by gaining data, this cooperation will benefit both groups to enhance the quality of service.

Through this business tie-up, KB Securities expects to highly develop its representative service called “Star Management,” which recommends users where to invest including Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) and Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (KOSDAQ). The firm will improve the original version into the second version called “Star Management Ⅱ” within this year by using the advanced technology through machine learning. This cooperation also shows that AI service is now beginning to be applied to customer services in securities field. Through this experience, KU would gain more practical industrial assistant cooperating with the company.

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