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[NEWS] An Easy Win Against Yonsei University in Basketball Game
Park Min Ha  |
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승인 2019.09.06  22:43:45
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▲ KU Basketball Team at the 2019 Annual Ko-Yon Games. Photographed by Park Min Ha

The 2019 Annual Ko-Yon Basketball Game came to an end with Korea University (KU) winning against Yonsei University (YU) by 82:71. This year, the basketball game was held at the Jangchung Arena on Friday, September 6. Both teams showed great effort not only in trying to score points and win, but also in communicating with their team members and retaining their team spirit all throughout the game.


The first quarter started off with two great three-pointer shots made by Jung Ho-young (’18, Physical Education), leading the KU team and fans into a roar of excitement. For about three minutes into the game, KU steadily raised their scores while YU kept their scores at zero due to a powerful blocking by KU’s center player Park Jeong-hyeon (’16, Physical Education). With five minutes left in the first quarter, the guard Lee Woo-seok (’18, Physical Education) was seen dribbling with ease after his three-pointer, thereby leading the team seven points ahead. After a short timeout, YU missed their shooting opportunities for several times, while Shin Min-seok (’18, Physical Education) succeeded in widening the score gap to 19:7. During the last few minutes, YU caught up with successful shots from Kim Kyeong-won (’16, YU) and Jeon Hyeong-jun (’17, YU). The first quarter ended with a score of 29:16.
While the first quarter looked like KU will definitely be winning the game, the fast-paced and tough moves played by YU in the second and third quarters made the outcome unclear. Kim Kyeong-won (’16, YU) scored four points and closed the gap to only eight points behind. However, towards the end of the second quarter, the center, forward, and guard players of KU strategically moved the ball around to push YU players out of their defensive positions. YU was greatly affected by this move, drawing many fouls and missed passes. The third quarter started off with a score of 48:32, in a relaxed tempo created by the guard player Lee Woo-seok (’18, Physical Education). After a timeout, YU tried to score a three-pointer but missed after eight passes. KU also missed their shooting opportunities, but Park Jeong-hyeon (’16, Physical Education) performed amazing rebounds. With only eight seconds left, Lee Woo-seok of KU finished the third quarter with a three-pointer and closed the scoreboard at 68:52.

The fourth quarter was the most intense round, with KU Cheerleaders (KUC) rooting for their team more passionately. Both teams seemed to be in a rush to win as they performed several fast breaks and the game was stopped several times with fouls and injuries. Both teams frequently substituted the players, and after a ping-pong of layup shots, KU players paused to smile and hug each other as the game seemed to be a clear win for KU. The 2019 Annual Ko-Yon Basketball Game ended with a final score of 82:71 and a satisfying “Baet-no-rae” ceremony song sung by the KU audience.

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