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[NEWS] CJ ENM Media Commerce Video Contest
Park Min Ha  |
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승인 2019.08.07  23:32:58
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn


▲ Six nominees are taking a picture. Photographed by Park Min Ha

On August 7, the final stage and award ceremony of the CJ ENM Media Commerce Video Contest was held at the CJ Creator Library (CCL). Hosted by Korea University (KU) and The Korean Association for Information Society (KAIS), the contest awarded Hong Seon-ah (’14, Sahmyook University) as the grand winner for her video advertising This World’s Holder, a flexible smartphone holder shaped like octopus’s legs. In addition to a prize of three million won, Hong and second-place corecipients gained the opportunity to work as interns for CJ O Shopping’s live mobile channel, Shock Live. Twelve other nominees took part in the event, along with the audience from KU, receiving gifts in token of gratitude.

In the preliminary round, contestants created one-minute-long videos promoting a freely chosen product made by a small domestic company and were asked to upload them onto their social media accounts. Fifteen nominees made it to the final round, of which thirteen participants attended the ceremony to present their final video entries. Six representatives from CJ ENM, KU Library, and KAIS attended as judges to select six winners that would receive prizes of ten million won in total, along with the privilege of being exempted from the document screening process when applying to CJ ENM.
The event began with opening remarks by the KAIS Chairman and Professor Kim Seong-chul (Department of Media and Communication) and Seo Seong-ho, the manager of the CJ ENM New Channel Business Division. Professor Kim acclaimed the creative space that CCL provides and pointed the rising importance of one-person media. Furthermore, Seo commented that the contest was created in hopes to find new talent for the media industry. The final stage then began as the thirteen nominees’ three-minute video entries were screened. This time, contestants gave explanations about their new videos promoting a Shock Live product that they purchased. The judges followed up on questions and comments and announced the winners.
Having won the first place, Hong expressed her gratitude towards CJ ENM for their sponsorship, and KU CCL for providing such a creative environment. She added that the video was made to let others know of the product’s usefulness, and that the entertaining factors in introducing the product were purposely used to grab attention. The event ended with a photo session.
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