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[NEWS] First Meeting of the Ipselenti Special Committee Held
Jun Uhnjin  |
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승인 2019.07.26  00:43:43
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ The meeting of ISC is being progressed. Photographed by Jun Uhnjin
On July 24, the first meeting of the Ipselenti Special Committee (ISC) was conducted at the Student Union Building. The committee consists of nine members in total: three members from Korea University Cheerleaders (KUC), three representatives — selected from student unions throughout the school, and three KU students. The meeting was held to discuss the current progress, operation of the committee, and future plans. 
The main objective of the committee is to establish a firm foundation for the preparation of 2020 Ipselenti—Jiya Hamsung. In order to do so, specialized committees were organized: Ipselenti Budget and Account Committee and Ipselenti Arrangement Committee. The former is aimed to achieve a transparent financial management for the festival, cooperating with both KUC and the Secretariat of KU Student Union (KUSU). The latter has its purpose on managing the festival overall, deciding on matters such as the ticket sales plan, management of entrance and exit, and safety regulations.
At the meeting, the Vice President of School of Media and Communication, Shin Sae-he (’18, School of Media and Communication) was elected as the chairperson of ISC. Ahn Byung-kook (’16, Health and Environmental Science) was elected as the deputy chairperson. The agendas for the next meeting were decided, which aims to set the guidelines for the two specialized committees and to discuss the financial management of Ipselenti’s remaining budget. 
The Head of the KUC, Lee Hyung-seok (’14, Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering) stated, “The goal of the committee is to bring everyone together, including the KUC, representatives, and students, to arrange a trustworthy school event.” Indeed, the first meeting of ISC was a meaningful step to find feasible measures to improve school events to be enjoyable for every single member of KU. 
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