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Changes in the School Outdoor Pub Festivals - Essential?
Moon Sun  |
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승인 2019.06.07  02:34:05
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Every year, students open outdoor pubs on campus during the school festival season. The outdoor pubs are held for mainly two reasons—to simply enjoy the exciting mood of drinking outdoors at a low price and to meet new people. Yet, starting last year, the government prohibited the sale of alcohol at school festivals. Although drinking itself is still allowed at the festivals, there are problems regarding this issue that still need to be fixed.
Drinking alcoholic beverages was allowed, but the selling itself was banned due to the Liquor Tax Law which strictly limits the sale of alcoholic beverages that have the proper sales rights. Moreover, selling food in university pubs is also problematic because the Food Sanitation Law requires vendors to get permission to sell food. The government had been overlooking these violations by university pubs for several decades as it was regarded as a tradition in many universities, but it is now demanding that students follow the rules.
A lot of the students who participated in the outdoor pub festival last year were not so positive about the changes made by the government. Students opposing the government’s decision claim that they have to take long walks to convenience stores every single time they want to consume beverages at the festivals, and such walks are exhausting.
Those concerns may seem like minor issues related to inconveniences, but there is something more important to note. Buying alcoholic beverages from outside of the campus would absolutely not take a lot of time, but safety issues could be involved. Students would have to walk around the streets while drunk, and they might not be able to react quickly in urgent situations. They could possibly be involved in accidents, and the school would not be able to compensate for any such mishaps that could happen. Looking at it from this perspective, it would be better to entrust the students with the selling of beverages rather than forcing them to face potential dangers.
The government also did not provide any sufficient explanation for why the new policy should be implemented in the outdoor pubs. Last year, many schools sold alcoholic beverages either by implicitly cooperating with nearby markets to sell alcohol on campus or banning people from other universities from entering the campus and selling the beverages only to their own students. When asked about the reason they still tried to sell beverages on campus, the vendors stated that students themselves are not yet used to bringing beverages from outside every single time, and the government’s explanations were not satisfying enough for them to be persuaded.
The government’s concerns about the Liquor Tax Law is, of course, a serious problem in the current economic market. Still, none of those issues would be meaningful if the people related to the problem do not fully understand the seriousness of the law and its related matters. Just an indication of the Liquor Tax Law and the specific policies would not seem so persuasive for the college students that have been selling liquor on campus for decades without any regulations. Thus, the government should show how serious the situation could be if such policies and laws are not enforced, instead of simply stating that students should stick to the laws.

Liquor Tax Laws should be enforced and the students’ attitudes towards selling beverages should also be changed. Yet, considering the time that had been executed in schools for years, suddenly forcing students to buy beverages from outside of campus could seem irrational for the students. Thus, such changes should be made more steadily, trying to rationally persuade every student to buy beverages outside. 

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