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승인 2019.06.07  02:21:14
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Goodbyes are often associated with melancholy and pain. It is definitely a demanding task to say farewell to something or someone you truly care for and which has given you countless memories. Yet, at the same time, goodbyes can be the start of new beginnings, a moment of relief, or a moment of reflection over the past. As I am writing my last editor’s letter, that is how it feels for me right now-bittersweet.

In the June issue of The Granite Tower (GT), the reporters capture such coexistence of bitter and sweet. In particular, the Cover Story probes into the recent South Korean court rule on lifting the decades-old abortion ban. Although this marks a revolutionary step closer to ensuring women’s rights, our reporters also shed light onto the bitter side of the overturn, examining the many impediments yet to be resolved before revision is to be made by the end of 2020.
Moreover, in an age where art is much appreciated and treasured, artists conversely face the bitter reality of struggling under heavy economic burden. Our reporter thus explores the government’s recent launch of loans for artists, which was implemented in an attempt to life such weights off the artists’ shoulders. Besides, the Feature section also delves into the bittersweet matters of concerns over Starbuck’s solidified dominance in the Korean coffee market and the stigma perpetuated by the distorted media portrayal of schizophrenics.
As the Editor-in-Chief, I have occupied this page over the past semester. However, publishing a magazine is far from a solo project and could only be done with the dedication of our hard-working crew. On one hand, it is hard to find the right words to express the strong emotions of summing up a period of my life that is coming to an end. Yet, on the other hand, I am relieved and looking forward for the remaining staff members to continue scrutinizing the changes seen in society in the light of new challenges and dangers, and even play a part in making those changes. 
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