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승인 2019.05.13  11:23:33
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
At times, our society seems to zero in on the A-classes. Behind the scrutiny casted upon the top tiers, the B-classes are seldomly given any attention. They are often devalued and carried with negative connotations, considered to be somewhat flawed and mediocre. On that note, the April edition of The Granite Tower (GT) shed light on the untouched B-classes within our society. 

The reporters dived into issues spanning from the Urban Regeneration New Deal Project, that aims to redevelop the B-level cities, to the grim Korean club culture, in which a solution to building a positive club culture is suggested in the article. Moreover, our reporter probed into the recent success of B-films, which have shown to be capable of competing with high-budget A-movies. 
In particular, our Cover Story presents the readers a new emerging trend of a B-class product, or substitute, to cigarettes— electronic cigarettes. The reporters sought to explore beyond the reasons of such frenzy, further examining the controversies surrounding the device and confusion aroused from the loopholes of regulations alongside the inaccurate depictions of those on commercials. I hope this edition inspires GT subscribers to draw attention to the improvements needed in aiding the escalation from level B to A, or perhaps even cherish the B-classes for their own distinct qualities.
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