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Be Brainy and Brave
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 It is universally agreed that physical exercise leads to a healthier life. However, in order to boost one’s health and well-being, brain exercise can lead the way. For anyone who wants to reach this state, the club Brainy is the just about the right choice. Enough with the cliche brain activities like chess or sudoku; the club provides an opportunity to not only use one’s brain but also meet friends from different universities. Seize the moment to be brainy and playful at the same time.

Inspired by The Genius (2013), a reality TV show in Korea where entertainers have to solve brain teasing games to be the last to survive, Brainy was founded in 2016 in order to create its own survival program for university students. The members take pride in the fact that they develop unique mind twisting games and collaborate with others to solve the riddles. Additionally, Brainy provides the opportunity for students to tactically plan out their game strategy to win the entire game, which is a rare and valuable experience. On top of all the brainy games, it has a variety of other activities where students can freely socialize.
Its systemic programs have appealed to many who are in search of activities that are uplifting to both the mind and body. The fact that this club is open to anyone in their 20s, Brainy amasses a large spectrum of people with different backgrounds. This diversity makes the games to be both creative and methodical, which allows the club to be more effective and exciting.
Composition of Brainy
Since Brainy is a union circle that welcomes all university students, having an organized system is a must. This brain twister club is composed of four teams; dealer, accounting, planning, and public relations. Each team has its own assigned tasks to enrich the club and make it more efficient for the members to fully enjoy club activities. Above all the teams, the president takes care of the general affairs of the club.
The dealer team acts as the host of the game by brainstorming and proceeding the games. Moreover, Brainy encourages students to engage with each other and, therefore, the planning team is in charge of arranging venues and events for students to socialize. In order to effectively make plans, the accounting team was created to take care of money and attendance. However, this is all possible with the help of the public relations team, which recruits new members and continuously advertises the club.
Although the club provides great opportunities and exciting games, finding a location to host games or events can be challenging. According to the current club president, Kim Eunsung (’12, Earth and Environmental Sciences), he wishes there could be a fixed location for the club so that members do not have to constantly move around. This will certainly lower the entry fee and prevent the game from being disrupted.
Brainy Works
It would be a mistake to assume this particular club as a place where only the chosen smart folks are allowed to participate in. President Kim said, “Brainy does not limit itself to an ordinary problem-solving club, but rather encourages socializing and doing diverse activities.” Therefore, before judging its spirit by the activities they appear to do, it is important to look at the true nature of how these people come together as one.
A very unique feature of this club would be the spontaneous meet-ups. Such unprompted meet-ups became part of the club’s recreational session to not restrict the members to just brain games, but to plan last-minute hangouts in any kind of field they please. So far, people have gone to ski resorts, water parks, escape rooms and so on. The flexibility of the club is what helps everyone make new friends and experiences.
▲ The Members of Brainy. Provided by President Kim Eunsung
One of the memorable experiences in Brainy for President Kim was the event called “Brainy’s Night.” The purpose of most gatherings is to welcome new members. However, that night was special because every member gathered around to celebrate the present and future of Brainy. They prepared a short clip of themselves and congratulated those who have worked passionately for the club.
Brainy’s Infinite Possibilities
Instead of just staying and working in a university within limited boundaries, Brainy knows how to display the talents of each member. What was made by people who gathered up with a single idea of playing games, has now gradually grown into a national scale activity. It truly lets the participants enjoy their college life and make new memories. However, the president humbly states that these are more elements that have the possibility for improvement. As he mentions, “Brainy is on the line of always developing in order to provide better opportunities for members.”
Bringing a TV program into life gives the participants an impression of becoming that celebrity they have watched on the screens. It also provides “Online Genius” games for a new experience and everybody to enjoy easily anywhere. Therefore, when joined as a member of the club, it gives the members the chance to play games of their dreams and fulfill their fantasy. It is hard to make a creative club out of an already existing idea; however, Brainy can be confident that they did so successfully.
In the final words of president Kim, he would like to thank all the members of Brainy who believed in him and worked hard to make memorable experiences that will linger in one’s mind for a long time. He would also like to break the misconception people might infer from just seeing the name of the club. “It is not a serious brain twisting club,” said Kim, “It is a place to promote friendship and explore the new side of club activities.”
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